To help your engine run efficiently and to get the best performance out of your vehicle, make sure your exhaust system lives up to your expectations. The exhaust helps to release air from your engine. When all that dirty engine air isn’t allowed to freely flow out of the engine, it can inhibit the performance of your car.

Why the right 4WD exhaust is so important for 4x4’s

The problem that you can run into is that the stock exhaust system that came with your vehicle may not be the best suited for your driving style. Generally, stock exhaust parts in Australia come with a limiting design, which can inhibit proper airflow – and your vehicle’s performance.

Whether your current exhaust is creating a bottleneck for your engine’s airflow or you simply have a 4WD exhaust system that’s worn out or is inhibiting the release of dirty air, you could be harming your engine. With stale air in your engine, you can end up with a residue buildup from the burnt fuel and oils that your engine produces. This dirty residue can decrease your car’s fuel economy while also shortening the lifespan of your engine.

With the right 4WD exhaust system, the air will flow freely out of your vehicle. This reduces the workload for your engine, saving fuel economy and enhancing the overall driving performance.

Exhaust system parts that can improve your vehicle's performance

An exhaust system consists of the exhaust manifold, oxygen sensors, the catalytic converter, resonator, exhaust pipes, muffler, and the tail pipe. You can modify your vehicle’s exhaust system with the following aftermarket parts to enhance performance and to protect your engine from unnecessary wear and tear from residue buildup.

  • The catback exhaust connects to the last catalytic converter in your system. It consists of a muffler, resonator, and a tail pipe. A catback exhaust will free up your exhaust gas flow because it will have piping with a larger diameter than your stock exhaust. Catback exhaust systems also come with a high-quality mandrel-bent tube, which works to let your engine breathe easier.
  • Another smart upgrade to consider is a 4WD universal catalytic converter. An aftermarket part designed for better airflow, these catalytic converters will help you get the performance you need for off-road use or for racing. They reduce the back pressure on the engine.
  • Boost the efficiency of your exhaust system and the overall aesthetics of your vehicle with an aftermarket muffler. The right muffler can also give you the desired acoustics – the muffler can deepen or mellow the tones of your 4WD exhaust system.
  • You can replace the flanges and clamps, as well as the exhaust gaskets, to ensure your system is well put together, can run smoothly, and will last for years, no matter how hard you push your vehicle.

Why aftermarket 4WD exhaust system parts perform better

With an aftermarket exhaust system, you can ensure your engine isn’t dealing with an airflow bottleneck. Aftermarket parts are also designed to give you the sound, performance, and fuel economy you desire. Because you can improve the way air moves through your engine, you can also help to increase the longevity of your vehicle when you switch out stock parts with the right aftermarket parts.

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