4WD Suspension

Most automakers equip their vehicles with car suspension systems that provide great drivability on paved roads and reasonable capability on mild to moderate off-road trails.

However, when used to do full-on, long-distance off-road excursions, such suspensions are likely to give out quickly. If you want to give your vehicle a 4wd suspension that can cope with the demands of extreme off-road driving, we at 4x4Mods Australia have all the mods you need to do that. As one of Australia’s top 4wd suspension online marketplaces, we strive to offer a wide selection of high-quality, aftermarket suspension parts and accessories.      

Suspension is simply the system of tires, springs, struts, shocks, and other elements that connect the vehicle to the road while offering shock absorption and absorbing braking torque. With the kits, parts, and accessories available at 4x4Mods Australia, you can transform your car suspension to a truly off-road-optimized 4wd suspension.

Benefits of a 4WD Suspension System

An aftermarket 4wd suspension system will give your vehicle better ground clearance, which will enable it to drive over rocks, debris, and ground undulations that would otherwise have been a challenge to overcome. Such a system will also deliver longer wheel-travel capability, better off-road performance, better ride comfort on rough roads, and better off-road handling.   


Our selection of 4wd suspension shocks includes shocks with monotube or twin-tube designs, many of which include remote reservoirs. Our best-selling shock products also include microcellular foam technology that drastically reduces instances of shock fade. We also feature durable and long-lasting struts specifically made for demanding off-road applications.


In challenging conditions, your vehicle's springs do much of the work when it comes to keeping your ride comfortable and safe. They absorb the impact of inevitable bumps and obstacles, ensuring a more secure ride with better control. Our shot-blasted and CNC-fashioned springs are designed for reliability and durability and can provide even up to 45 mm of lift.


Kits can add some wow-factor to your car while improving performance. Lift kits elevate the vehicle further off driving surfaces than factory designs specify. Most drivers get lift kits to enhance the performance of off-road vehicles while others love how it improves the aesthetics of their vehicle.

No matter the reasoning, we offer a broad selection of lift kits from respected names such as Performance Suspension Racing. These include several options for single and dual cabs. 

In addition to lift kits, springs, shocks, and struts, 4x4Mods Australia offers all of the tools and accessories you need to transform your everyday truck or SUV into a terrain-conquering beast. With parts like ball joints, sway bar mounting kits, panhard rods, mount bushing, and other necessities, you can have your ride rolling in style and function in no time.

Check out our entire selection of 4wd suspension online parts. If you have any questions, feel free to reach out. Our staff can answer any questions related to our selection of thousands of items. 

Let 4x4Mods Australia serve as your one-stop-shop for all of your vehicle improvement and outdoor recreation or work needs.

16369 Products Found

16369 Products Found