Get your 4WD vehicle some of the best 4x4 coilovers on the market here at 4x4Mods Australia. You can significantly improve your 4x4 vehicle’s handling and drivability both on-road and off-road with a good set of 4x4 coilovers Australia. We at 4x4Mods Australia have sold aftermarket coilovers and other 4x4 suspension system parts and components for many years.

A coilover is a suspension device with a coil spring positioned over a shock absorber. The coil spring is set on an adjustable perch that you can reconfigure at will. Therefore, one key advantage that coilovers offer is adjustability. Standard coilovers will enable you to adjust your vehicle’s ride height, e.g., when switching from driving on paved roads to driving on rugged dirt trails. Fully adjustable coilovers add the ability to adjust camber, rebound, compression, damping, and other suspension-related aspects that directly affect a 4x4 vehicle’s driving dynamics.

Explore Our Range of 4x4 Coilovers in Australia

We at 4x4Mods Australia have vehicle-specific coilovers for most 4x4 vehicles in Australia, and we also have universal coilovers classified by different parameters, e.g., mounting type or stroke length. Therefore, you will get a set of coilovers Australia that suits your vehicle’s needs perfectly here at 4x4Mods Australia. All our coilovers come with correctly matched coil springs and shocks, so they take away the burden of having to match coil springs and shocks for your 4x4 vehicle accurately. They feature CNC-machined components that have undergone exhaustive durability testing. They are also made from high-grade materials that deliver an ideal blend of performance and ride comfort.

We at 4x4 Mods Australia have experienced modding specialists who can help you choose the right coilovers for your application. Get in touch with them via our contact page.       


Frequently Asked Questions:


How long do most aftermarket coilovers last?

They can last even up to 150,000 miles.


Must I use an anti-seize lubricant on my coilovers?

Yes, it is essential to use an anti-seize lubricant on your coilovers because they have components that tend to seize and bond together with continual exposure to dirt, debris, and the elements. Apply the anti-seize lubricant before installation.


How often should you wash coilovers?

At least once in six months.           

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149 Products Found