Customise your 4x4 with the right car interior parts. Upgrading the small details and refining the interior design can boost your vehicle’s functionality and aesthetics while giving you a personalised driving experience. With aftermarket parts, you can choose from a variety of styles and designs, helping you create your dream ride.

4WD interior parts and accessories to elevate your drive

Whether you want to create a race car feel with your vehicle interior or you need to add certain features to make your 4x4 more functional, there’s no limit to what you can do to improve your car when you shop for car interior parts online. Here are some of the key features you can upgrade to create the ultimate 4WD.

  • Install a new interior gauge to create a unique, customised look on your dashboard. Choose from electrical performance gauges, boost gauges, fuel pressure gauges, and more. You can also pick out the right sensors for your gauge.
  • Change the details of your driving experience with the right aftermarket interior accessories for your 4WD vehicle. Upgrade to a streamlined carbon fibre shift knob. Install an action camera to record your off-road adventures. Mount magnetic smartphone holders. There are so many ways to style your interior.
  • Floor mats help to protect your vehicle’s flooring while also adding a touch of personalisation to your interior. Choose the right material, colour, and design for your car. A premium floor mat or an eye-catching colour can complete the look of your interior.
  • Add storage with a universal storage case for 4WD vehicles. You can neatly store your items for work, camping, fishing, or anything else in your interior or on the back of your 4x4.
  • Take advantage of free communication when you buy a UHF CB radio. You can use short and long-range transmission with these radios, which can be a huge advantage if you work outdoors with a team. You’ll have instant access to analogue frequencies for both Australia and New Zealand.

Why aftermarket 4WD interior parts are better

When you want to customise your 4x4, you don’t want to be limited by OEM parts made by the original manufacturer. With aftermarket parts, you can choose from a huge range of interior car parts, giving you more options and more freedom to personalise your vehicle to look and feel the way you want it. You can also upgrade some of the details of your car with high-quality aftermarket accessories.

Shop aftermarket 4WD interior parts online from 4X4 Mods

Enhance your vehicle your way with the huge selection of car interior parts from 4X4 Mods. You’ll find more than 5,000 parts to enhance your engine performance, increase the longevity of your vehicle, and to customise the look. Browse our range of 4WD car interior parts today.

1293 Products Found

1293 Products Found

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