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Founded in 1999, AFE has been one of the leading brands in the field of advanced flow engineering. As such, AFE is considered as one of the top manufacturers of high-performance vehicle parts. The company has two R&D and manufacturing facilities, with primary headquarters located in Corona, California, USA. 

With such access to manufacturing, research, and development, the company can make the highest quality automotive parts that guarantee high-end performance both on and off the road. With a full range of automotive components like manifolds, fluid, and air filters, and AFE intake systems, AFE is sure to stay ahead of the competition.

The AFE Product Catalog

As a top manufacturer and designer of cutting edge vehicle components and performance upgrade systems in advanced flow engineering, AFE offers a fantastic range of product lines that mainly deal with intake systems, filters, and manifolds, as well as the highest performing, most innovative, and compelling vehicle and automotive parts on the market.

AFE Intake Systems

AFE brings state of the art cold air intake systems to your neighbourhood, and you get to choose a filter that fits your vehicle the most. The company is fully dedicated to using top-class, high-end technology to design, engineer, and build the best intake systems. 
However, what makes them so competitive is their commitment to providing customer-centric user experiences. Their intake systems are designed to match your desires, wants, and needs, regardless of how diverse they are.

AFE Filters

Whether it's protection, convenience, or performance that you're after, AFE has you covered in full. With an array of top-quality filters on the offer, the brand covers a wide range of both diesel and gas cars. 

More importantly, these cutting edge equipment parts are designed to increase the acceleration, torque, and horsepower of your vehicle. Getting quality parts is just one side of the coin while taking care of your engine is the other.

AFE's filters are designed to protect your engine while providing the ultimate driving experience and performance when you need it the most. Choose from a wide selection of durable and progressive filters. 

All AFE filters guarantee the following things:

  • Increased and improved airflow
  • High compatibility with most filter housings
  • Durable construction
  • Top-quality structural support

AFE Manifolds

When you think of AFE, think of maximum durability and ultimate quality, as well as reliability, comfort, and top performance. In those regards, you can breathe new life into your vehicle by purchasing one of the exceptional AFE manifolds. 

These automotive parts will take your exhausting system to an entirely new level, increasing the strength of your engine and providing an improved throttle response. Better airflow equals more power.

To additionally make this one-of-a-time offer even more attractive, AFE offers a package that includes all the necessary hardware, an exhaust manifold, and a turbocharger. If you can't make up your mind about which part suits your car and driving needs the most, feel free to get in touch with 4X4 Mods today and let our customer support professionals take it from there.

You can find pretty much everything you need to ensure your vehicle provides impeccable performance with each new ride. Contact us today!

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Momentum GT Cold Air Intake System (Jimny 19+)

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Momentum GT Cold Air Intake System (Jimny 19+)

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Magnum FLOW Pro Dry S Air Filter

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Magnum FLOW Pro Dry S Air Filter

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