Forced Induction

If you want to supercharge your vehicle, forced induction is the way to go. In order to increase a vehicle’s horsepower and torque, a lot of 4WD owners in Australia upgrade to a forced induction system.

Unless you have a high-performance sports car, when you purchased your vehicle, it probably came with a stock naturally aspirated engine. These engines rely on atmospheric force to push air into the engine, but with only 14.7 lbs per square inch of force at sea level, the pressure from the atmosphere can only push a limited amount of air into the engine. As a result, naturally aspirated engines are only capable of a peak volumetric efficiency of 75 per cent to 85 per cent.

You can increase the efficiency by upgrading to a forced induction engine with the right parts. With forced induction, more oxygen is being forced into the engine cylinders. More oxygen lets the engine use up more fuel. This increases the amount of power the engine can produce – and the bigger the boost, or the more forced air that’s pushed in, the more horsepower you’ll get.

Important aftermarket parts for forced induction

You can add turbos or superchargers to your engine to create a forced induction system. However, you’ll want to upgrade some of your engine components to help your vehicle handle the extra boost and to give you more control over your engine’s performance.

  • When you compress air, it heats up, so you’ll need an intercooler to cool the air back down. Front mount intercoolers cool the compressed air before it travels through the engine. It’s important to have a quality intercooler to prevent warm air from reaching the engine, which could cause it to overheat.
  • A 4WD water/methanol injection kit can help to control the air-fuel ratio. You’ll need a performance fuel injector to help your engine cope with the extra boosted air.
  • With a boost controller, you can control the amount of air being forced into the engine. If you want to be able to give your 4WD forced induction engine an extra boost, you can use either an electronic or manual controller.
  • A blow off valve will release the pressure that builds up in your engine. This part is useful for ensuring a smooth drive. It will also help you to protect your engine from the damage that a pressure surge can cause.
  • A wastegate is another type of valve that’s an essential part of a forced induction engine. It acts to divert exhaust gases away from the engine’s turbine wheel.

Why aftermarket forced induction parts perform better

When you’re upgrading to a forced induction engine, you need the right parts to maintain the correct amount of pressure and to prevent problems with overheating or pressure surges. Aftermarket parts are purpose-built to serve a specific function, making them ideal for performance 4WD vehicles.

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1103 Products Found