Sway Bar Bushings

If your 4WD vehicle is making rattling or clunking noises when driven over bumps or uneven surfaces, it may be due for a sway bar bushing replacement. You can get some of the best sway bar bushing examples on the market here at 4x4 Mods Australia. We specialize in aftermarket 4x4 products, parts, and accessories.  

It is all fine and dandy to upgrade your vehicle with a highly-rated aftermarket sway bar, but if its sway bar bushings are of inferior quality or in bad shape, then the upgrade won’t make much of a difference to your vehicle’s driving dynamics. Sway bar bushings are the rubber/urethane/polyurethane accessories that hold a sway bar in place in a car. They are mounted to a vehicle’s chassis.  

Our aftermarket 4x4 sway bar link bushings enable your vehicle’s sway bar(s) to flex and rotate in response to the vehicle’s movements. They reduce noise, vibrations, and harshness and positively affect a vehicle’s steering, handling, and ride quality.

Explore Our Range of 4x4 Sway Bar Bushings in Australia

4x4 Mods Australia’s range of aftermarket swaybar bushes is comprehensive. Our sway bar link bushings are designed to exceed factory/OEM standards, so expect them to outlast stock/OEM bushings. They are made from high-grade materials resistant to UV rays, harsh chemicals, extreme temperatures, and rust. Also, some of our swaybar bushes come infused with lubricants, so you won’t have to keep lubricating them. Our modding specialists can provide more detailed information about them upon request. They can also help you choose the appropriate sway bar link bushes for your application. You can reach us using the information on our contact page.  


Frequently Asked Questions:

How long do polyurethane sway bar bushings last?

Polyurethane sway bar link bushes can last the life of your vehicle.


Is one required to realign his/her vehicle after installing swaybar bushes?

You do not need to realign your vehicle after replacing its swaybar bushes.


What are the types of sway bar bushings one can buy?

Metal bushings, rubber bushings, and polyurethane/urethane bushings

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178 Products Found