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It is not just engine mods that can make a difference in the performance of your 4x4 vehicle. A solid, well-matched performance exhaust system can also help to deliver the kind of performance you covet; XForce Performance Exhaust Systems can help you with that.

Australian-owned performance exhaust system manufacturer XForce has established itself as a quality- and value-focused producer of aftermarket exhaust systems. Its dedication to developing highly innovative products has made it one of Australia's most preferred performance exhaust system brands. The guys at XForce are passionate about what they do, and it shows in the products they develop. The company invests heavily in research and development for all its products. It also uses state-of-the-art equipment like the Dynapack Evolution 3000 chassis dynamometer machine that helps to dyno-test exhaust systems. All XForce products have also been extensively tested in rest-world applications to ensure reliability and functionality.

Another thing that sets XForce shop apart is the fact that it strives to deliver products that meet different customer-specific needs.



The XForce exhaust systems are made from high-grade Stainless steel for guaranteed durability. They are designed with a unique head design that helps to increase power and torque throughout the rev range. These systems also deliver awesome engine notes. They bolt to existing mounting points so you won't need to do any modifications to accommodate them.


XForce’s Varex™ remote adjustable mufflers enable you to adjust your exhaust system using a sophisticated, remote-controlled butterfly valve mechanism. Thanks to this mechanism, you can experience any of three exhaust modes: Street Mode, Race Mode, or In Between Mode. Street Mode delivers lower exhaust sounds for optimum discretion. In this mode, the butterfly valve is set to direct exhaust gas through a chambered path much like that of your stock muffler. In Race Mode, exhaust gases are redirected through an open path, resulting in the delivery of aggressive exhaust notes and maximum power output. Finally, the In Between Mode sets the butterfly valve at an angle to deliver exhaust gases down both paths, resulting in a balance between the Street and Race modes.

The Varex™ remote adjustable mufflers are adjusted using a remote control system that includes a remote control, a control module (that is plugged into a cigarette lighter socket or a 12V power socket), and water-resistant plugs.


XForce’s Varex™ Smart Box Bluetooth Variable Exhaust Controller uses patent-pending technology to give you more control over the sound levels of your exhaust system. It offers three modes: manual mode, matrix, and geo mode. In manual mode, you can select any of 5 pre-set butterfly valve positions via a Varex™ smartphone app. In matrix mode, the Varex™ exhaust controller automatically adjusts the butterfly valve positions for you based on real-time data on throttle, RPM, and speed. In geo mode, the Varex™ exhaust controller automatically adjusts the butterfly valve positions based on specifications you set for certain areas, e.g. you can set a lower exhaust note for the area around your workplace.

XForce Performance Exhaust Systems also manufactures a variety of universal exhaust system parts that include universal tips, mufflers, CAT converters, and several other accessories.

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How does XForce enhance vehicle performance?

XForce designs its exhaust systems and components with performance in mind. By optimizing exhaust flow, reducing backpressure, and using high-quality materials, XForce products can improve horsepower, torque, and overall engine efficiency.

Can I install XForce Exhaust products myself or should I seek professional help?

Installation difficulty can vary based on the specific product and your level of automotive expertise. While some XForce products can be installed by skilled DIY enthusiasts, professional installation is recommended to ensure proper fitment and optimal performance.

Can I use XForce products for both daily driving and performance applications?

Absolutely. XForce offers a range of products suitable for various purposes, from enhancing every day driving to boosting performance on the track. Their product offerings often cater to different preferences and needs.

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