Leaf Suspension

Leaf spring suspension systems may be a thing of the past in modern cars, but many still consider them to be the best suspension spring options for 4WD trucks, vans, and trailers that are regularly used for commercial or off-road purposes.

A leaf suspension kit is tough, durable, and does not require as much maintenance as other suspension kit options. It is designed to support the weight of a vehicle’s chassis and bear huge vertical loads, which is why it is ideal for commercial vehicles. We at 4x4 Mods Australia are here to meet all your leaf-spring suspension kit needs. Our leaf springs kits are affordable and easy to install.

Our aftermarket leaf-spring suspension kits have higher spring rates than OEM leaf springs and are made using high-grade materials like SUP9 and SUP9A carbon spring steel. Therefore, you can count on them to tackle the most challenging Australian terrains and hold up well under heavy loads. Our leaf suspension kits can also increase your vehicle’s ride height and have been pre-stressed to maintain those ride heights even when your truck is heavily laden. Their manufacturers also fit anti-friction pads between the leaf springs to improve ride comfort and reduce noise, vibrations, and harshness on the road.


Explore Our Range of 4x4 Leaf Springs & Accessories in Australia

We at 4x4 Mods Australia pride ourselves in having a wide selection of leaf-spring suspension kit options. We have both parabolic and multi-leaf semi-elliptical leaf springs. The parabolic leaf spring kits have one or two leaf springs designed with stout centers and tapered ends. They are ideal for off-road-duty vehicles because they provide a soft ride. Multi-leaf semi-elliptical leaf springs consist of one main leaf and several progressively smaller and lighter leaf springs. These leaf spring kits are used in most commercial trucks.

Our leaf spring suspension kits also come with all the accessories required to install them properly. They include leaf spring hangers, leaf spring shackles, leaf spring bushings, leaf spring center/cross bolts, spring pins, etc. Follow this link to get in touch with our modding specialists; they will give you more information about these products.   


Frequently Asked Questions 

Do leaf springs break? What causes it?

Yes, but rarely. They may break when you excessively overload your truck or when they get old.


Why is it that my truck’s leaf springs appear flat?

At times, leaf springs can appear flat instead of arched. This may happen when you load your vehicle with a lot of cargo. The weight of your loads and your vehicle’s chassis can cause the springs to stretch out. One way to determine whether your leaf springs are still functioning as they ought to is by checking your vehicle’s tire/fender clearance.


Which is the best way to strengthen my vehicle’s leaf springs?

You can strengthen them by adding one or two extra leaf springs to both rear leaf spring suspension setups. 

576 Products Found

576 Products Found

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