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Australia’s backcountry areas require more from those who live there. They have to be tougher, stronger, and more adaptable to extremes.

And those who live or travel there expect the same from their vehicles.

At 4X4 Mods Australia, we get it. Your vehicle needs extra equipment, tools, and lighting. Our full selection of products can help your 4x4 tackle the toughest of offbeat paths and off-road conditions.

We look forward to providing your vehicle with quality upgrades that will enhance both performance and appearance.

Exterior Lighting

One sure-fire way to boost your vehicle's performance and aesthetic aspects is through additional lighting. At 4x4 Mods Australia, we carry a full range of lighting options that add both style and utility.

We start with a range of top-quality lightbars, each one capable of full illumination in difficult and trying conditions.

With 5,400 lumens of lighting power, the Hulk 4 x 4 HU9602 12 LED Driving Lamp Lightbar includes a mounting bar and combo beams for maximum effectiveness. For those upgrading their vehicle on a budget, this serves as an outstanding option.

Light Sabre Lightbars offer an even broader range of features. Running at the peak of efficiency allows this range of products to provide more light whilst drawing less power. They also come in curved or straight options to best complement the look of your vehicle and are tested under the extremes of Australia’s hot and cold temperatures.

Lighting options also include mountable work lights. These can assist when putting the vehicle in reverse. They also provide ample brightness for job sites or setting up camp. Regardless of the need, these versatile lights from trusted brands such as Ironman 4x4 do the job.

Check out the range of lighting options available on our site to learn more.

Essential Equipment For Extreme Expeditions

When grinding out an expedition into extreme locales, you rely on your vehicle and accessories to get you there safely and get the job done. Whether the it be work or play, equipment from 4x4 Mods Australia will take care of your needs.

Roof racks ensure that you can take heavy duty tools and other items on your trip without overburdening lighter, modern vehicle roofs. We offer a great selection of durable and convenient roof racks such as the Ironman 4x4 Alloy Roof Racks. Compatible with most Toyota trucks, the durable reinforced aluminium mesh construction can carry more while weighing less.

You’ll also not want to venture too far off of the beaten path without this essential: The Roadsafe SB114 Bottle Jack Ram, which will give your factory-provided jack an extra boost when conditions render it too small to lift your vehicle from the ground.

Our equipment selection also includes awning rooms, bicycle hitch racks, and a wide range of other accessories for work and play.

Check out our full selection of exterior equipment to upgrade your vehicle. All of our products carry a solid reputation for durability and performance under the toughest possible conditions. With Zip and Afterpay options to buy now and pay later, your budget becomes a little more flexible at 4X4 Mods Australia.

3981 Products Found

3981 Products Found

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