Strut Bars

Are you looking for a chassis brace for your 4x4 vehicle that is affordable and easy to install? Try adding a strut bar like the ones here at 4x4 Mods Australia. For all your chassis bracing needs, shop here at 4x4 Mods Australia. We have been selling such 4x4 performance mods for many years.    

A strut bar is arguably the most common chassis brace type on the market and is also considered a must-have mod for a 4x4 performance vehicle. It is a stiff metal bar designed to link the front/rear strut towers of a vehicle for chassis-stiffening purposes. It significantly reduces the flexing of a vehicle’s body/chassis when loaded with vertical and lateral forces, e.g., during cornering, accelerating, or braking. By stiffening your vehicle’s chassis, our strut bars will help improve your suspension system’s functionality, which will result in improved handling and better steering response. Our strut bars will also help to improve your vehicle’s cornering stability because they also cause flatter cornering.

Explore Our Range of 4x4 Strut Bars in Australia

Many vehicle owners opt for either front or rear strut bars, but you can choose to go all out with both front and rear strut bars for your vehicle. We at 4x4 Mods Australia have both types in plenty. They are from Australia’s top chassis brace manufacturers, many of which offer their products with warranties. Our modding specialists can help you choose an appropriate strut bar for your application. You can reach them using the information on our contact page.


Frequently Asked Questions:


How much of a difference does a strut bar make?

A strut bar makes a difference, but you will see it more under hard cornering or when driving at the limit. It will enable your vehicle to do high-speed cornering with better stability and reduced body roll, so it is worth your investment if you plan to engage in circuit racing or take your vehicle to the track often.   


Is realignment required after installing a strut bar?

You don’t have to get your vehicle realignment after adding struts bar.


Does a strut bar improve a vehicle’s straight-line performance?

No, it doesn’t.

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19 Products Found