Founded in 1988, Plazmaman has become one of Australia’s leading manufacturers of solutions for high performance 4x4 automotive vehicles. Their comprehensive in-house research, development, and manufacturing facility allows them to provide some of the highest aftermarket off-road parts on the market. Their full range of CNC machinery, welders, and supplier relationships keep them ahead of the competition when operating both locally and internationally.

Plazmaman – Product Catalog

Australian based 4x4 parts manufacturer Plazmaman is focused on providing quality Plazmaman cold air intake, fuel rail, and intercooler systems, among a variety of other products. Their line of products is sure to deliver the power, dependability, and comfortability that is unrivaled in the Australia 4x4 parts market.

Radiator Hoses

Radiator hoses are a very popular option to connect various parts of the radiator to other systems within your vehicle. Plazmaman has you covered. 4X4 Mods Australia offers a wide variety of radiator hose options straight from Plazmaman, ensuring nothing but quality and reliability in each package.


Plazmaman intercooler offers several front mount intercoolers to cool compressed gas in your 4X4 engine. The front mount intercooler is vital to a properly function forced induction system and will ensure your vehicle is running as efficiently as possible.

Engine Accessories

Your engine is incredibly important to the overall functioning of your vehicle and should be treated as such. Plazmaman understands this and places extreme importance on the research and development of their engine parts. Shop their comprehensive range of engine accessories suited to fit the needs of any off-road enthusiast.

4x4 Mods Australia is proud to be an approved distributor of Plazmaman and their comprehensive line of auto parts intended to provide maximum comfort, power, and utility for your off-road vehicle. This partnership is a symbol of our brand’s continued devotion and dedication to placing quality products in the hands of car enthusiasts across the nation of Australia.

We pride ourselves on providing full service to the 4x4 car parts industry, giving our customers some of the best services in the market since our launch in 2009. Our dedicated sales and support staff are ready to provide technical and after-sales service to customers around the clock. The 4x4 Mods customer support team includes all like-minded enthusiasts who are truly just excited about your build as you are and are super happy to assist you throughout the purchasing process.

Are you unsure where to start? Whether you’re in the market for a single part or planning to complete an entirely full build project 4x4 Mods is here to help. Our first-class sales and support staff of 4X4 experts would be glad to guide you through your specific technical situation. Contact us today!

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