Brake Cylinder Stoppers

Do you want to get rid of the spongy braking feel you get when you slam your 4WD vehicle’s brakes? Try adding the brake cylinder stoppers available here at 4x4 Mods Australia.

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A brake cylinder stopper is designed to counter the flexing of the firewall to which a 4WD vehicle’s master cylinder is attached. Under hard braking, the sheet metal of that firewall flexes considerably on account of the hydraulic pressure in the master cylinder, causing a slower braking response and an unnatural braking feel. When correctly installed, a brake cylinder stopper significantly reduces the movement of the master cylinder during hard braking, thus sharpening the vehicle’s braking response and improving its feel.

Explore Our Range of 4x4 Brake Cylinder Stoppers in Australia

We at 4x4 Mods Australia have brake cylinder stoppers for most Australian 4x4 vehicles. Our brake cylinder stoppers are ideal for 4x4 performance vehicle builds because the improved braking dynamics they facilitate can shave a few seconds off every lap or sprint. They are made from high-quality ultra-strong steel so count on them to dependably stabilize your vehicle’s master cylinder. They also come painted in vibrant colors that will look good in your vehicle’s engine bay.

In addition, our brake cylinder stoppers come with all the accessories you need to install them. If you are unsure which brake cylinder stopper to choose for your vehicle, get in touch with us by following this link. Our online modding specialists will guide you.  


Frequently Asked Questions:


Will you have to modify your car to accommodate a brake cylinder stopper?

You do not need to make any modifications when installing this product.


Are brake cylinder stoppers universal?

Most of them are model-specific.


Will you need to buy additional accessories to complete the installation?

All the accessories you will need are included within the packages of the brake cylinder stoppers.

2 Products Found

2 Products Found

Brake Master Cylinder Stopper (Forester 97-02)

SKU: Q0729

Brake Master Cylinder Stopper (Forester 97-02)

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