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To get the best, you have to consult professionals. When it comes to specialized 4x4 suspension and drivetrain accessory solutions for utes or SUVs of different makes, the folks at PSR (Performance Suspension Racing) products have proved their competence over the years. In addition to off-road aftermarket 4x4 suspension systems and components, they also design and develop 4x4 vehicle protection accessories, e.g., bull bars, 4x4 driveline, chassis, and engine components, e.g., chassis braces and diff armors, and other 4x4 accessories.

PSR (Performance Suspension Racing) manufactures these products for a wide range of 4WD vehicles made by Holden, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ford, and Volkswagen. It is an Australian-owned aftermarket auto-accessory company that prioritizes reliability and innovation. It manufactures its products at its state-of-the-art workshop and production facility in Yatala, Queensland.



PSR is recognized the most for its expertise in developing specialized 4x4 suspension parts and accessories. PSR suspension products include 4x4 lift kits, off-road shock absorbers, bushings, sway bars, coil springs, leaf springs, greaseable shackles, leaf pins, U-bolts, torsion bars, alignment kits, and off-road steering components like steering dampers.


Before you set off into your next off-road adventure, armor up your vehicle with the PSR vehicle protection products. They are made using premium-grade materials and have been carefully designed using the latest CAD software to ensure a perfect fit.


With PSR’s range of super-strong Ambush bullbars, your vehicle is likely to get away unscathed in encounters with rocks, low-lying branches, mailbox posts, and or other vehicles. These bull bars are ADR tested. They also come in 5 different variations, i.e., the PSR Ambush Hoopless Bullbars, PSR Ambush Single Hoop Bullbar, Ambush Sheet Metal Hoop Bullbar, Ambush Double Hoop Bullbar, and Ambush Triple Hoop Bullbar.


PSR’s selection of underbody protection accessories will give you peace of mind when driving your vehicle on rocky terrain. They will shield your vehicle's low-lying components from getting bashed in by large rocks and debris. They include different drop bash guards, non-diff drop bash guards, mid bash guards, rear bash guards, front bash guards, fuel pump guards, tank bash guards, radiator guards, and more.


The PSR 4x4 Winch Recovery Gear will complement your preferred off-road winch, enabling it to function even more effectively. They include winch fairleads, rear winch cradles, and many more.


The PSR 4x4 driveline, chassis, and engine components will fortify your vehicle's different engine and driveline components, enabling them to handle even the most intense off-road driving escapades with ease.


The PSR chassis bracing products include 4/6/9-plate weld-on chassis brace kits, bolt-on tower brace kits, tail shaft notch kits, front internal chassis bracing, rear coil tower system chassis bracing, rear internal chassis bracing, wagon long arm internal/external chassis bracing, and more.


The PSR body lift kits will significantly improve your vehicle's ground clearance without compromising your vehicle's ride quality or drivability. They include the standard rear bar lift brackets, 1”/2”/3”dual cab body lift kits, 1”/2”/3” extra/single cab body lift kits, manual gearbox conversion brackets, steering column extensions, tub infill panels, intercooler body lift spacers, and many more.


The PSR diff armor accessories will protect your vehicle’s live axle housings from unforgiving rocks. They include front/rear diff brace systems, front/rear diff center guards, front/rear diff and center guard sets, diff drain plug guards, diff housing drain plugs, and diff housing fill plugs.

Other PSR products that you can get at 4x4Mods Australia include 4x4 brake parts, exterior body accessories like storage racking solutions, snorkels, LED driving lights, dual cab tube sliders, tub flares, and awnings, and much more.

We at 4x4Mods Australia are offering all these products and all their options at competitive prices. We have a longstanding relationship with PSR and are proud to be among their top vendors. We offer one of the most exhaustive selections of PSR products on the internet, so you are likely to find the PSR products you need right here. If you have any questions about these products, call our modding specialists at 07 5610 2121.


What is Performance Suspension Racing (PSR) known for?

PSR specializes in 4x4 suspension and drivetrain accessory solutions for various utes and SUVs. They design and develop aftermarket 4x4 suspension systems, vehicle protection accessories, driveline components, and other 4x4 accessories.

Which vehicles are compatible with PSR products?

PSR manufactures products for a wide range of 4WD vehicles, including those made by Holden, Toyota, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Ford, and Volkswagen.

What types of suspension products does PSR offer?

PSR offers a variety of suspension products, including lift kits, shock absorbers, bushings, sway bars, coil springs, leaf springs, greasable shackles, U-bolts, torsion bars, alignment kits, and steering components.

How does PSR ensure vehicle protection during off-road adventures?

PSR provides a range of vehicle protection products, including Ambush bullbars in various designs and underbody protection accessories like bash guards for different parts of the vehicle.

What is the significance of PSR's 4x4 Winch Recovery Gear?

PSR's 4x4 Winch Recovery Gear complements off-road winches, enhancing their functionality. The range includes winch fairleads, rear winch cradles, and more.

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