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Whether you work or play in remote areas of the Great Outdoors, 4x4 Mods Australia has all of the equipment you need. We offer a broad selection of vital products that will ensure that you have the tools, devices, and other implements necessary for extended excursions into remote regions.

At 4x4 Mods of Australia, we only source products from companies that have a reputation for excellent durability and convenience of use.

Storage For Food and Other Must-Haves

Food storage and keeping food and other necessities safe is one of the most important requirements of a trip into remote regions. Our wide selection of storage equipment will ensure that your food and fuel are stored properly to prevent spillage and other problems caused by exposure.

For lengthy stays in hard-to-access areas, the Ironman 4x4 65 L  refrigerator and freezer provides the perfect storage spot for cold and frozen food, as well as live bait for fishing. With ample space and convenient access, it can handle all your backcountry food needs. We also offer related accessories, such as covers for freezers.

Extra gas storage is a must in the wilderness. For long trips far from gas stations, make sure that you take this 20 L Jerry can from Ironman 4x4 with a convenient-to-use tap.

Power Supplies

When you want to travel far from home but still need modern amenities such as mobile devices, the Ironman 4x4 44Ah Power Pack provides enough energy to charge a portable refrigerator. Its design also includes ports for charging phones and other necessities.

This and other stocked power supplies can restart dead batteries as well, a vital need when traveling far from civilization.

For those keeping closer to home, we offer the Life PO4 12.8 V 7.5 Ah battery pack. Its output can power exterior lighting for camping or job sites.

Whatever your power needs, make sure that you examine our full selection of power sources.

All Necessary Camping Supplies

When going into the countryside to “rough it,” you need a number of supplies to stay comfortable. The Darche Hi View 2200 tent provides rainproof security for up to three occupants. Complete with windows for sky viewing and insect mesh, this tent is perfect for any condition.

Also from Darche, we offer a wide selection of sleeping bags. Our full range offers varying sizes and thickness levels to ensure a comfortable sleeping experience every time. For those seeking relaxation, we feature Ironman 4x4 Deluxe Lounge Camp Chairs. These and other camping accessories ensure that your outdoor enjoyment does not exclude comfort.

Before your next major camping or remote work trip, check out our full selection of outdoor gear. Only the best in durable products from trusted outfitters.

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