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If you are in the market for a serious 4WD exhaust system, you cannot go wrong with the Outback Exhausts range of off-road exhaust systems. Factory Direct 4x4 Exhausts, which owns the Outback Exhausts brand, is an established and highly reputed Australian manufacturer and distributer of automotive exhaust systems. It launched the Outback Exhausts brand of off-road 4x4 exhaust systems in 2014.

Factory Direct 4x4 Exhausts started out supplying and distributing exhaust systems, but with time, it started making its own exhaust systems. It has made a name for itself as a company that goes an extra mile to deliver products of superior quality. For instance, unlike most other competing auto part manufacturers that make their exhaust system products primarily from 304 stainless steel, Factory Direct 4x4 Exhausts use either titanium stabilized 409 Stainless Steel or Aluminium Coated Mild Steel (ACMS). 409 Stainless Steel contains more carbon and less nickel than 304 stainless steel, and so it is stronger and has higher heat tolerance. ACMS is highly rigid steel that is coated with an aluminium silicon alloy.

The Outback Exhausts off-road exhaust systems are available in varying tube sizes, i.e. 2.5", 3" & 3.5", or 4". They are also available as Turbo Back, DPF Back, or Manifold /Extractor Back exhausts.





The Outback Exhausts bolt-on Turbo Back Exhaust System will replace your turbo-engine vehicle’s entire exhaust system. It will fit directly onto your vehicle’s mounting points, and is guaranteed to last long because it is made from 409 Stainless Steel. Also, its mandrel bent tubing will facilitate smooth, unrestricted air flow, and its heat resistant enamel coating will help prevent corrosion. This exhaust system is offered as a package that may include a dump pipe, a front connecting pipe, an intermediate connecting pipe, a muffler assembly, a tail pipe assembly, gaskets, nuts, and bolts.



The Outback Exhausts DPF Back Stainless Steel System is designed for diesel-powered vehicles, e.g. diesel trucks. It replaces all the components of your exhaust system that come after its Diesel Particulate Filter. It is also made from 409 Stainless Steel coated with heat resistant enamel, and it also uses mandrel bent tubing for smoother, unrestricted air flow. These exhaust systems guarantee a deeper, throatier exhaust note, and by helping to reduce backpressure buildup, they also help to improve performance and fuel efficiency. This system may be offered as a package that may include a front connecting pipe, a rear connecting pipe, a tail pipe assembly, and all the required gaskets, nuts & bolts; an intermediate connecting pipe may also be included, depending on the vehicle.



The Outback Exhausts Cat-Back Stainless Steel Exhaust Systems are designed to replace all the exhaust components that come after the catalytic converter. Therefore, this cat-back exhaust system may include a y piece, connecting pipes, and a straight through muffler assembly, depending on the vehicle. This system delivers a deeper, raspier growl and also improves horsepower and torque delivery. It is also made from 409 Stainless Steel coated with heat resistant enamel, and it also uses mandrel bent tubing for smoother, unrestricted air flow.

Also included in the Outback Exhausts range of products are accessories like high-flow washable air filters, flange plates, 65mm Long Hex Studs, and much more. Browse through our inventory of Outback Exhausts products below to see more of them.


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