HPD Diesel: Australia's Leading Brand for High-Quality HPD Parts

HPD is a leading Australian brand of high-performance diesel products, especially for turbo-diesel vehicles. It possesses the highest-quality in-house research and development teams that continue to design and perfect products to provide better drivability and efficiency in your four-wheel drives.

Whether you're looking for catch cans, intercoolers, transmission coolers, or turbo upgrade kits, when you buy HPD products, you're buying parts made in Australia with high-quality materials and cutting-edge digital manufacturing technology, created with precision and durability in mind.

HPD High Performance Diesel: Revolutionizing Diesel Efficiency

At 4x4 Mods Australia, we're proud to feature HPD – a brand synonymous with high-performance diesel excellence. HPD, or High Performance Diesel, is not just a name; it's a commitment to delivering the best in diesel technology and performance.

HPD Intercoolers: The Heart of Diesel Performance

One of the standout products in the HPD lineup is the HPD intercoolers. Designed with precision and crafted for efficiency, these intercoolers are essential for anyone serious about maximizing their vehicle's diesel performance.


Stop oil getting into your intake manifold where it can do some damage with one of HPD's oil catch cans. As an effective oil separator, HPD's oil catch cans are also available as kits for universal and easy implementation into your car.


Keep your transmission intact when you're carrying an extra load with an HPD transmission cooler. HPD transmission cooling kits stop your transmission from overheating when it's being overworked, ensuring reliability within safe temperatures. These coolers have also been designed and tested to withstand even the toughest conditions. A bar and plate construction also means their cores are robust enough in extreme environments and upon large tow loads.


Improve your car's performance with intercooler kits that provide your vehicle with a cooler inlet temperature, allowing a higher boost performance and more fuel-making power. Front mount and top mount intercooler kits are available with a bar and plate core, which is strong enough to support 200kw+ of power at the wheels of your four-wheel drive, while still maintaining a cool temperature to last in the most remote and dry environments.


Boost your engine's power with specially designed intercoolers for four-wheel-drive vehicles, such as the Toyota Landcruiser 100/105 series or the Nissan Patrol GQ TD42. Ball-bearing turbo kits can increase a car's power by up to 47% at the wheels over a standard engine. Some kits feature a bar and plate intercooler, which reduces the inlet temperature by up to 90 degrees centigrade for better reliability and performance over non-inter-cooled turbo kits.


Increase the flow, response, and performance of your diesel engine with HPD's air intake systems. These intake systems come with durable components that are less prone to cracking than factory models. The universal boost controllers also suit all turbocharged vehicles, giving you more power through better airflow. All intake systems have accompanying installation kits and easy instructions for convenient installation and effective results.

4x4 Mods Australia stocks HPD products because it's the company's mission to exceed your expectations with excellent quality parts for optimum off-road performance.

Founded in 2009, 4x4 Mod's high-performing team of professionals are experts in their own right. They work across 200 brands and thousands of products specially selected for their superiority and to meet the needs of 4x4 Mods Australia customers.

Buy HPD products on-site now, and don't hesitate to speak to our customer service team for more detailed questions. Call us on 07 5610 2121 in Australia or +61 7 5610 2121 for international customers.

Why choose HPD intercoolers?

Optimized Airflow: HPD intercoolers ensure that your engine gets a consistent supply of cool air, reducing the chances of overheating and ensuring optimal combustion.

Enhanced Durability: Made with high-quality materials, these intercoolers are built to last, ensuring that your diesel engine runs smoothly for years to come.

Performance Boost: With an HPD intercooler, you can expect a noticeable improvement in throttle response and overall engine performance.

What does HPD specialize in?

HPD is a renowned Australian brand known for its high-performance diesel products, particularly for turbo-diesel vehicles. They focus on enhancing drivability and efficiency in four-wheel drives.

Are HPD products made in Australia?

Yes, when you purchase HPD products, you're investing in parts made in Australia using high-quality materials and advanced digital manufacturing technology.

How can HPD Turbo Kits boost my engine's performance?

HPD Turbo Kits are specially designed for four-wheel-drive vehicles to boost engine power. Some kits can increase a vehicle's power by up to 47% at the wheels compared to a standard engine. They also feature intercoolers that reduce inlet temperatures, ensuring better reliability and performance.

What advantages do HPD's Air Intake Systems offer?

HPD's air intake systems enhance the flow, response, and overall performance of your diesel engine. They come with durable components that are less prone to cracking compared to factory models, ensuring better airflow and increased power.

Why does 4x4 Mods Australia stock HPD products?

4x4 Mods Australia believes in providing its customers with top-quality parts for optimal off-road performance. HPD aligns with this mission by offering superior products that exceed expectations.

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