Premium Braking Solutions for Ultimate Safety and Performance

While we all love to upgrade our vehicles for more power and performance, the parts we use and abuse most are often our brakes. Because they’re so important to vehicle performance and safety, 4x4 Mods Australia only stocks brake brands and related parts with long-established reputations for quality.


High-Quality Brake Pads for Every Adventure

Braking Systems

When you expect more from your vehicle than regular trips on roads or highways, you’ll need superior brakes. Brake pads are a key component of your car's braking system, providing the friction needed to slow down and stop your vehicle. We stock a wide selection of brake pads suitable for various driving conditions, whether you're navigating city streets or exploring rugged terrains. Our brake pads are engineered to deliver reliable performance, ensuring your safety on every journey.
Those who love to race, go off-road, or push vehicles to their absolute limits need brakes that can withstand the strain. With Circo racing brake pads, you can take tight curves and stop quickly when needed with complete peace of mind.
High-performance brakes may not perform to their full potential without outstanding rotors. We carry a full selection of Disc Brakes Australia rotors. This Australian-owned-and-operated company has tested its products in the toughest conditions seen in racing and off-roading. They provide excellent durability and performance under strain.

Durable Brake Rotors for Enhanced Performance

Brake Rotors: Maximizing Stopping Power

Brake rotors, or discs, work with the brake pads to bring your vehicle to a halt. Our selection of brake rotors is designed to withstand high temperatures and prevent brake fade, offering enhanced durability and longevity. Whether you're looking for standard rotors or performance-oriented options, we have the right solution to meet your needs.

Comprehensive Solutions for Your Braking System

Electric Brakes and Brake Lines: Complete Care for Your Car Brakes

If you plan to use one of our many premium lift kits to elevate your vehicle, don’t forget the vital components, such as brake lines.
In addition to brake pads and rotors, we offer everything you need to maintain or upgrade your car brakes, including electric brakes and brake lines. Electric brakes provide enhanced stopping power for trailers, while high-quality brake lines ensure reliable fluid transfer within your braking system. Together, these components work to deliver superior braking performance and reliability.
Vehicle lifts usually require you to add brake line extensions. This prevents lines from breaking, which can cause brake failure and possibly serious or even deadly accidents.
We offer a full variety of brake lines and hoses that help ensure your lifted vehicle remains safe and in control at all times. Performance Suspension Racing offers several products that fit most factory lines and provide exceptional service. Ironman 4x4 also offers a range of brake hose extensions

Relocation Kits

Remember that other components may also require realignment when installing a lift kit. This includes your brakes and related accessories.
We offer a range of brake line relocation kits from Roadsafe 4WD, Ironman 4x4, and other respected names throughout the industry. Each is made of top-quality materials and reflects precision design for installation convenience and maximum performance.
Look at our full range of brakes, vehicle parts, accessories, and outdoor gear. At 4x4 Mods Australia, we can outfit you and your vehicle with everything you need to conquer Australia’s rugged outdoors.
In addition to brakes, rotors, extensions, and relocation kits, 4x4 Mods Australia offers almost every part or tool you might need for a braking system upgrade or to accommodate a lift. This includes cylinder kits, cable/brake line spacers, and brake hose kit fronts.
We strive to serve as your one-stop shop for upgrading your vehicle. Whether you want extra performance for racing, lifts for off-road travel and play, or any equipment needed to camp or work in the remote outdoors, we have you covered.
4x4 Mods welcomes comments or questions on any of our product ranges. Make sure to check out our hundreds of top-quality and popular-selling products on sale. We offer Zip and Afterpay options for your budgetary convenience so you can buy now and pay later.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I install a brake controller on any vehicle?

Most modern vehicles can be fitted with a brake controller, essential for safely towing a trailer with electric brakes. Installation requirements can vary, so it's important to choose a brake controller that is compatible with your vehicle's make and model and to follow the manufacturer's installation guidelines.

Why is my braking system making noise?

Braking noise can be caused by various factors, including worn-out brake pads, glazed rotors, or debris caught between the brake pad and rotor. If your braking system starts making unusual noises, it's important to have it inspected by a professional to identify and address the issue promptly.

How do I know if my brake line needs replacement?

Signs that your brake line may need replacement include visible leaks, a spongy or soft brake pedal, and decreased braking performance. Brake lines are crucial for maintaining the integrity of your braking system, so any issues should be addressed immediately to ensure your safety on the road.

1263 Products Found

1263 Products Found