Our team at 4x4 Mods Australia can outfit your vehicle to be the hottest looking truck or SUV around.

When your interior engine and other cooling systems need a boost, we can help you there as well. 

From radiators and  internal fans to oil coolers and water pumps, 4x4 Mods Australia has everything you need to keep your vehicle running as cool on the inside as our products make it look on the outside.


Radiators transfer heat from a vehicle’s engine to protect it from reaching too high a temperature. High engine temperatures can cause costly damage and in worst case scenarios, leave you stranded.

We offer a wide selection of radiators to fit most makes and models of trucks and SUVs. One of our most popular selling brands is PWR Performance Products, a specialist manufacturer of top quality radiators made from lightweight and durable aluminium. The Single Pass 55mm radiator has passed stringent street, wind tunnel, and other tests to ensure the best possible performance.

PWR Performance Products are relied upon by not just your friends and neighbors but also vehicle owners from Formula One race teams. Each offers superior construction and design features that provide 30 percent more efficiency and superior reliability.

Thermo Fans

Our customers demand a lot from their vehicles. When parts wear down, they need the most reliable replacements from the most respected names.

Thermo fans don’t top the list of fun parts for most customers, but perform the vital role of pulling potentially damaging heat off the engine.

We offer a variety of thermo fans from PWR Performance Products. Each comes from our advanced manufacturing facility right here in Australia.

Oil Coolers

Racing enthusiasts and others who love to push their vehicles to the absolute limits of speed and performance rely on high-quality and reliably performing oil coolers from 4x4 Mods Australia.

Oil coolers function like small radiators. They cool engine oil and allow it to siphon off heat from the motor. While most vehicles can get by with the factory-installed cooler, those seeking the highest performance should upgrade.

We offer racing level oil coolers from trusted names like Mishimoto and PWR Performance Products. Each has proven itself in rigorous testing and can handle the most difficult conditions, on or off the road.

Low Water Alarms

Never be unpleasantly surprised again by a coolant leak or hose problem. This low water alarm kit from Ironman 4x4 monitors radiator levels to ensure that water levels are high enough to keep your engine running at the proper temperature. 

A low water alarm can prevent serious and costly problems. Overheating engines can break down and components such as the engine block can crack. Damage of this nature can cost thousands unless prevented by a timely alarm.

Check out our entire selection of products designed to keep your vehicle cool, even as driving conditions heat up.

Please feel free to also reach out with any questions that you may have about our product line.

618 Products Found

618 Products Found