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Control arms are suspension components in a vehicle's suspension system. They control the wheels' motion and ensure that they remain aligned with the body of the car, providing stability and comfort for passengers by reducing vibration and movement. 

A control arm comes in two main types: upper control arm (UCA) and lower control arm (LCA). UCAs control camber and caster angles, while LCAs control the toe angle. Properly functioning control arms are essential for safe driving, as they help maintain the wheels’ alignment and prevent misalignment from bumps in the road or other external forces. They improve the vehicle's overall handling, ensuring a smoother ride for passengers. It’s essential to check and maintain control arms regularly to uphold proper functioning and safety.

Ensure the alignment of your 4x4 vehicle with our range of control arms

4x4 Mods Australia stocks a wide selection of control arms to resolve any alignment issues you may encounter on a lifted 4WD. These include:

  • Upper control arms (UPA)

Our ATI upper control arms are equipped with a fully adjustable camber and castor. Built with OE-style ball joints and bushings, they correct alignment angles while maintaining factory ride quality. The new heavy-duty Roadsafe “BLACKHAWK” range of upper control arms is a must-have for many IFS models lifted 30mm+. They restore camber and caster lost on these vehicles when lifted by correcting the angle on the ball joint.

  • Lower front control arms (LCA)

The SuperPro Complete Lower Control Arm Kit will overcome repair problems associated with seized lower inner camber bolts, worn ball joints and replacing the bushes. PSR’s Toyota Landcruiser 80/105 adjustable lower arm is a heavy-duty replacement featuring a 36mm solid bar and machine MIG welded at both ends for ultimate strength and to prevent the arm from undoing. 

Shop control arms from 4x4 Mods Australia today 

4x4 Mods Australia is your trusted one-stop destination for control arms to ensure optimal alignment and overcome 4WD clearance issues. While you’re at it, check out our range of 4WD suspension systems, shocks and struts, 4WD sway bars and sway bar kits, 4WD suspension bushing kits, coilovers and leaf suspension

As a distributor of over 200 world-leading brands of 4x4 parts and accessories and over 250,000 products in stock, we can think of no one better to find the part you need. 

If you have any queries, reach out to our team, who would be happy to assist. Our dedicated sales and support team is happy to advise you on which product would most suit your needs. 


What are 4x4 control arms?

Control arms are components of a vehicle's suspension system to control the motion of the wheels and ensure they remain properly aligned with the car, providing stability and comfort for passengers by reducing vibration and movement. 

Why should I buy a 4x4 control arm from 4x4 Mods Australia?

4x4 Mods Australia is a renowned distributor of 4x4 parts and accessories and has the industry expertise you need on your side to find the perfect control arm for your vehicle. Our team is happy to assist and takes great pride in providing top-notch advice that exceeds our customers’ expectations every time.

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233 Products Found