Your 4x4 has to be ready for any situation you encounter, least among them being unforgiving temperatures and demanding terrain. Your engine might handle it, but for how long? A high-performance radiator is as crucial as the fuel injection.

The cooling system is the first to suffer the strain of high performance in your 4x4, which is why you need to invest in a high-end, high-performance radiator such as Koyorad. Also affectionately known as Koyo, the brand gives you aluminium radiators tuned and tested for every application.

High-Performance 4x4 Radiators

Your 4x4 demands high-end sport performance radiators.  A good radiator is able to bleed away heat much more efficiently and is able to do that under stressful conditions.  

Koyorad Radiators achieve that using a double pass and triple pass design. That means the coolant passes through the tubes twice or thrice before returning to the engine, which means that it loses more heat in the process without the need for a larger surface area.

By keeping your engine cooler, you can demand more juice from it while keeping it healthy and operational for longer. 

Plug-And-Play Design

Unlike most high-performance radiators that require you to stretch and drill for proper fitting, Koyorad maintains a strict fitting policy to ensure the products can fit multiple models and vehicle designs with no extra labour required.

Koyorad designs its radiators for specific vehicle models. These include Toyotas, Jeeps, Dodge, Nissan, Mitsubishi, Honda, and more. By having parts fitted to the vehicle (and not the other way round), you are assured of top performance every time with minimal modifications.

Koyorad radiators are the best OEM (original equipment manufacturer) radiator replacements due to their perfect fit. When your stock radiator gives up, don’t go for the same cheap replacement. Consider high-performance aftermarket Koyorad radiators to give your engine boost in performance and life.

Aluminium Racing Radiators

Many OEM radiators have plastic tanks because they are cheaper and lighter. They are also more resistant to corrosion. However, they are less effective at passing off heat to the air.

Koyorad radiators are designed for high performance and durability, which is why they are made of aluminium. Aluminium disperses heat better, is more durable, and remains lightweight. However, there are also options with plastic tanks, plastic and aluminium, copper and brass, and all-aluminium racing radiators.

Depending on your budget, you can select any configuration of these for your 4x4, but ultimately all-aluminium radiators outperform and outlive the rest.

Save Your Engine

Radiators are one of those components in your 4x4 that you can’t afford to scrimp on. A cheap radiator will work just fine in normal conditions, but anything other than highway cruising will strain the system beyond its limits.

If you are going to be towing, go offroad, or have performance mods installed in your 4x4, a high-quality performance radiator is essential. If you invest now, you will save your much more expensive engine in the future. 

4x4 Mods Australia is honoured to bring your Koyorad radiators for your 4x4. For over a decade, we have brought high-end performance aftermarket car parts to enthusiasts in Australia. You can check out our full range of 4x4 parts here.

Don’t cripple your 4x4. A high performance, poor cooling combo never ends well. Order your Koyorad high-performance radiator from 4x4 Mods Australia now.

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