Mishimoto Automotive Performance was established in April 2003 and quickly became one of the largest and most innovative aftermarket parts suppliers. Their goal in mind was to produce quality aftermarket parts from daily drivers to weekend track participants.

Their staff consists of avid racing enthusiasts, who understand exactly what drivers are looking for in terms of parts. Their research and development team is comprised of talented technicians to ensure that they can guarantee satisfaction to all of their customers. Car Mods Australia heavily stocks Mishimoto due to the quality products and lifetime warranty.

Mishimoto is a world leader in performance cooling products, using over a decade of experience to provide superior cooling system upgrades that fit almost any application, from sport compacts, trucks, jeeps, and daily drivers to classics.

Mishimoto parts not only perform with technical excellence, passing rigorous tests in Mishimoto's state-of-the-art premises, but they also look great and are available in a range of colours and finishes.



Cool the fluid inside your 4x4 engine with one of Mishimoto's radiators. These radiators are crafted from high-quality aluminium, which takes less heat to work than steel radiators, making them more efficient. Many Mishimoto parts also fit specific car models, so they require little or no modification. They also have a thicker core than average vehicular radiators and can handle harsh off-road driving. All Mishimoto products also come with a lifetime warranty, which guarantees long-term quality for your car. Enhance your 4x4 engine's cooling with Mishimoto's high-quality aluminium radiators. Designed for efficiency and endurance, especially during challenging off-road drives.


Route your engine's coolant to the radiator and let your car run at peak efficiency. Mishimoto radiator hoses are made with a dual-layer of high-grade silicone and heat-resistant embedded fibres, which provide twice as much heat and pressure tolerance as ordinary radiator hoses. These hoses are also designed for a direct OEM fit for minimum fuss and modification. Crafted with a dual-layer of premium silicone and heat-resistant fibres, these hoses ensure optimal performance and durability.


Regulate your oil temperature and preserve your engine for as long as possible using one of Mishimoto's oil cooler kits. Many kits are applicable for most vehicles for universal protection against oil degradation. An additional thermostatic sandwich plate with oil kits allows for added temperature control, limiting oil flow to the cooler. A thicker core on Mishimoto oil coolers gives you an efficient cooling system for big 4x4s. Preserve your engine's longevity with Mishimoto's oil cooler kits, designed for universal protection against oil degradation.


Save your engine from damage while driving your high-performing and high-mileage engine guilt-free with Mishimoto's cutting-edge engine components. Mishimoto oil drain plugs, for instance, are magnetic and able to filter out any metal fragments floating in the oil, preserving the life of your engine. 4x4 Mods Australia also stocks Mishimoto oil catch can — some of the most developed oil-separating units on the market which expertly reduce oil vapour and leave only clean air to be routed back into your engine through the intake. From magnetic oil drain plugs to advanced oil-separating units, Mishimoto's engine components are engineered to protect and enhance your engine's lifespan.


Reduce engine heat with fans and fan shrouds to lock onto your radiator. Some Mishimoto fans come with a control kit so you can regulate the temperature yourself. These fans and shrouds fit directly on your 4x4, so they need little or no modification and come with everything you need for easy installation. Mishimoto high-flow fans also allow sufficient airflow to cool even the largest and most powerful engines. Ensure efficient cooling for even the most potent engines with Mishimoto's high-flow fans and shrouds.

4x4 Mods Australia stocks Mishimoto parts for cooling and engine optimisation because of their superior design informed by years of expertise, which complements 4x4's own experience in the 4wd parts industry.

4x4 Mods Australia, with its vast experience in the 4wd parts industry, recognizes the value of Mishimoto's superior design and expertise. As a trusted international company, 4x4 Mods Australia offers over 200 brands and 250,000 products, ensuring quality and technical support for its customers. Dive deeper into the world of automotive excellence with Mishimoto at 4x4 Mods Australia.

Initially set up to fill a void in Australia, 4x4 Mods is now an international company that stocks over 200 brands and 250,000 products. We're proud to deliver quality auto parts and technical support to our customers. Explore more products starting with Mishimoto. Call our sales team on 07 5610 2121 (+617 5610 2121 internationally) for expert support and service on your next build.


What makes Mishimoto a trusted brand in the automotive industry?

Mishimoto is renowned for its high-quality performance cooling products, innovative designs, and a commitment to customer satisfaction, backed by a lifetime warranty.

Are Mishimoto products compatible with all 4x4 vehicles?

While Mishimoto designs its products for a wide range of vehicles, it's advisable to check product specifications or consult with 4x4 Mods Australia for specific compatibility.

How do Mishimoto products enhance vehicle performance?

Mishimoto products, from radiators to engine components, are engineered to optimize cooling, enhance engine longevity, and ensure efficient performance, especially in challenging terrains.

Can I install Mishimoto products myself?

While many Mishimoto products are designed for user-friendly installation, seeking professional assistance ensures optimal performance and safety.

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