Jayrad, an automotive parts specialist, has been supplying engine radiators to Australia's four-wheel drive and motor enthusiasts for over 10 years. All products are manufactured in carefully vetted factories with excellent quality raw materials and manufacturing standards.

A large part of Jayrad's range comes directly from the OEM and OEM suppliers, so you're guaranteed the same factory-fit specifications and performance you can expect from the original parts. Using Jayrad's OEM products prevents undue wear and tear and increases your motor vehicle's operational life.

Jayrad — Product Catalog

Jayrad products span OEM intercoolers, both front- and top-mounted, and replacement radiators to get your engine back to perfect form.

OEM Intercooler

Keep your engine at the perfect temperature and improve its running efficiency with one of these OEM replacement intercoolers. As it's an essential part of your vehicle's forced induction system, you should replace your intercooler when it starts failing and with the wear and tear of your turbocharger. The wide range of OEM parts available from Jayrad means you can replace your intercooler for a Ford Stirling, a BMW X5 or any other 4x4. Top mount intercoolers are also available for quicker airflow capacity.

Replacement Jayrad Radiator

Replace your entire radiator with a quality Jayrad product. The diesel turbo products are made according to factory settings per car model, which gives you the same engine function as the original. They're built with a plastic tank and an aluminium core to dissipate heat quickly.

4x4 Mods Australia stocks Jayrad radiators, as we know the importance of getting the right product for your specially selected vehicle. You expect precision and high performance for the long-term, and we seek to give it to you by providing an extensive OEM range, which will keep your 4x4 in the best condition for as long as possible.

We take it upon ourselves to meet customers' needs and fill the void in the four-wheel-drive industry by providing exceptional all-round service. Since 2009 we've been a trusted leader in the car parts industry, not just in Australia but internationally, with over 200 recognised brands and 250,000 products.

Payment is available in several options, so it's never been easier to order. Pay by Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Zip Pay, Afterpay, PayPal or direct deposit. There is also the option of visiting the store in Ashmore, QLD, and our 30-day return policy applies for unopened products.

Our sales and customer service experts can answer any product question, technical or otherwise. They're enthusiasts like you who are dedicated to making your car dreams a reality, whether you're looking to build a new model, repair an old one or replace a few parts. Contact us via the webform or by calling the team at 07 5528 5801.

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