When you're driving down the Outback's unpredictable, unbeaten paths in the night, whether for leisure or sport, it is critical to have adequate illumination around every turn or through every thicket. The STEDI high-performance LED auxiliary lighting products are designed for that purpose, and so they are invaluable in night-time high-performance driving situations, e.g., in rally competitions.

STEDI Australia is recognized in Australia and worldwide as a leader in manufacturing high-performance LED automotive auxiliary lighting products. The company has been in operation since 2013, with Optical and Electrical Engineering being its core competencies. STEDI always goes to great lengths to maintain a solid reputation for quality, durability, cutting-edge design, and outstanding performance in its market segment. Its highly skilled and passionate technicians and engineers obsess over every aspect of these lighting products in every design or development process. After developing its products, STEDI then tests them in the harshest and most challenging conditions to ensure their durability.

Besides serving Australia's 4x4 automotive industry, STEDI also serves several other sectors in Australia like mining, locomotive, and local government. Among STEDI's noteworthy clients are the ANSTO Australian Government, the Special Operation (NSW) Australian Government, and the Victoria Police.


The STEDI LED Light Bars are fitted with OSRAM’s® finest 12V/24V OSLON® LEDs that deliver 5700K crystal white color temperature for stunning clarity. They also provide a 5.8° spot beam and a 50° flood beam. These light bars also use STEDI's Pure-Drive circuit design, which allows up to 97% of input power to be fed to the LEDs. They also come fitted with hardened polyester-coated aluminum housings, so they'll be able to withstand thickets, branches, and all other obstacles. The STEDI Light Bars are also IP68 rated, and they feature stainless steel adjustable sliding brackets for easy, versatile mounting.


The circular and rectangular STEDI LED Spot Lights are also fitted with 12V/24V OSRAM® OSLON® LEDs that deliver 5700K crystal white color temperature. They also feature a 3mm-thick GE Lexan lens that has been hardened for optimum durability. The STEDI LED Spot Lights also feature thick high-pressure die-cast aluminum housings, thick 304 Aluminum stainless mounting brackets, and sealed Deutsch® DT-2 connectors.


The STEDI LED work flood lights are ideal for when you and your crew have to work late into the evening or when you need to light up a campsite. Some of them can also be used as bumper-mounted reverse lights. Their low-wattage Osram LEDs use little power but deliver high brightness.


The STEDI Bull Bar Brackets, clamps, and mounts are designed to make it easier for you to mount LED driving lights or UHF antennae onto your 4X4 vehicle. They are available in different sizes like 48mm, 50mm (2inch), 66mm (2.5inch), 60.3mm, and 76mm (3inch), and most of them are made from cast aluminum for guaranteed durability. They also feature Polyester UV stable powder coating for guaranteed resistance to corrosion and rust.


The STEDI driving light wiring kits are plug-and-play. They save you from having to mess with wiretaps, scotch clips, splicing, and all the other things you would otherwise have to configure when mounting driving lights.


You can use the STEDI Universal LED Driving Light Rocker Switches to switch on/off your LED spotlights, light bars, or work lights. They are available for different 4X4 vehicles, e.g., Toyota Land Cruiser models, Nissan NP300 Navara & Pathfinder models, Ford Ranger PXI models, Mazda BT50 models, Isuzu D-Max models, Holden Colorado models, and many more.


The STEDI LED headlight conversion kits are affordable yet high-value upgrades for your headlights, taillights, or reverse lights. They are plug-and-play, which means they won’t require you to mess with many wires and connections to get them working. These LED conversion kits guarantee a four times increase in brightness over that of your stock halogen bulbs.

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What is STEDI known for?

STEDI is recognized for its high-performance LED auxiliary lighting products, ideal for night-time high-performance driving situations, such as rally competitions. Established in 2013, STEDI has become a leader in the LED automotive auxiliary lighting industry.

Why choose STEDI LED Light Bars?

STEDI LED Light Bars are equipped with OSRAM’s® finest 12V/24V OSLON® LEDs, delivering a 5700K crystal white color temperature. They offer both spot and flood beams, ensuring optimal visibility in various conditions.

Are STEDI dealer products durable?

Absolutely! STEDI products undergo rigorous testing in challenging conditions to ensure durability. They feature robust constructions, such as hardened polyester-coated aluminum housings and GE Lexan lenses.

What sectors does STEDI serve?

While STEDI primarily serves Australia’s 4x4 automotive industry, it also caters to sectors like mining, locomotive, and local government.

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