30 Second Awning

Are you tired of having to brave the scorching sun when you are out and about on off-road trails? A good quality awning that provides ample shade from the sun and rain can make your off-road adventures much more enjoyable and fulfilling. 30 Second Wing Awning specializes in producing sturdy, top-quality awnings that you can use anywhere you go. This awning product can be used on a wide variety of off-road vehicles, and as the company's name suggests, you can set it up in as little as 30 seconds. 


This awning product, which is only available in Olive Green color, attaches to your vehicle's roof rails. When packaged, it is 2.7m long x 0.25m high, so it appears as a slender package that doesn't take up much space. Also, the awning weighs just 27 kg, so you won't find it burdensome to keep carrying it as you go about your off-road adventures. The awning is made from premium-grade 280gsm Canvas that is both waterproof and dustproof, and it incorporates a solid A-type aluminum frame and a central steel bracket with three pivot points. According to 30 Second Awning, you won't need to secure the awning with poles or ropes once you set it up because it is built to withstand strong winds. However, in cases of extreme winds, you can use the awning's four tie-down eyelets to tie it down; the awning package also includes a pole that you can use in such cases.

When set up or deployed, this awning offers a total span of 12 square meters, which is more than enough shade for you and your entire family or group. You can set it up without assistance from other people.

When setting up the wing awning, it is wise to face your vehicle in the direction from which the wind is blowing. Doing so will create down pressure on the wing awning, which is a good thing. 

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How does the 30 Second Awning work?

The 30 Second Awning features a user-friendly design with a pop-up mechanism that allows it to be set up rapidly. Simply release the locking mechanism, pull out the awning arms, and secure them in place to create instant shade.

Is the 30 Second Awning adjustable?

Yes, the 30 Second Awning often comes with adjustable features that allow you to modify the height and angle of the awning. This adaptability enables you to tailor the shade according to your needs.

Can the 30 Second Awning tent be attached to vehicles?

Yes, the 30 Second Awning is designed to be compatible with a range of vehicles, including SUVs, trucks, and trailers. It can be easily attached to roof racks or mounts, providing a versatile shade solution for road trips and adventures.

Can the 30 Second Wing Awning withstand wind and weather?

The 30 Second Awning is engineered to withstand moderate weather conditions, but its level of durability varies depending on the model and brand. It's recommended to check the manufacturer's specifications and guidelines for usage in windy conditions.

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