Terratuff hasn't been in operation for long, but it is already making waves in the Australian 4x4 performance parts industry. A division of Process West, Terratuff offers catch can, intercooler systems, and hose kits that are tailored to the needs of off-road-going 4x4 vehicles.

Like Process West, Terratuff holds true to the 'Perfection Without Compromise' philosophy. It seeks to achieve perfect fitment, design, and engineering in all its intercoolers, catch cans, and hose kits. To this end, its products are carefully developed by trained and highly experienced engineers in a fully equipped, state-of-the-art production facility. All Terratuff products are vehicle specific, not one-size-fits-all. It offers products for a wide range of 4x4 vehicles like the Hilux, DMAX, Navara, Ranger, and Land Cruiser.  




The Terratuff intercoolers combine OE style design and fitment with superior materials and innovative engineering. As a result, they deliver optimum charge air cooling that facilitates substantial power and torque gains. All Terratuff intercoolers feature thick front mounted Bar and Plate intercooler cores that offer a major increase in cooling surface area while delivering superior durability and outstanding impact resistance. These intercoolers also feature specifically moulded silicone hoses of four ply construction, mandrel-bent aluminium pipe-work, constant tension hose-clamps, isometric rubber mounts, and high flow cast aluminium end tanks. All Terratuff intercoolers have undergone industry leading testing processes, so their quality and durability is guaranteed.    


The Terratuff SEPR8R systems are advanced catch can systems that help to prevent inlet manifold pollution in diesel engines. These catch can systems have innovative internal filtration systems that scrub oil mist from the air that comes from the rocker cover of your diesel engine before it goes back into the inlet manifold. The result is improved performance, better fuel economy, and a longer service life for the engine and intercooler. The Terratuff SEPR8R systems features billet aluminum construction, and it comes with a precision bracket that is specific to your vehicle. Also included are moulded hoses, clamps, and mounting hardware. 


The Terratuff intercooler hose replacement kits won't split as is sometimes case with OEM intercooler hoses. These stronger and highly durable hoses are designed to suit your specific model, so you are assured of perfect fitment. 

You can count on us at 4x4Mods Australia to supply you with any of these Terratuff intercoolers, hose kits, or catch can systems. We strive to maintain an exhaustive selection of Terratuff products for the sake of our valued customers. Also, when new Terratuff products are launched, you can count on finding them here at 4x4Mods Australia. Also worth noting is that our prices are among the best you'll find for these products. So make your order today. We'll ship it to you within 1-2 days.  

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