For over four decades, the folks at Yakima have been equipping outdoor adventurers, e.g., hikers, campers, kayakers, surfers, skiers, bikers, and mountain climbers, with handy and innovatively designed outdoor products and accessories. Yakima Inc. is named after the city in which it was founded.

Yakima's staff are all hard-core outdoor enthusiasts, and they have inspired the company's growth over the years with their passion for creating products that address the needs of most people who love the great outdoors. The world started to notice Yakima's innovations at the 1984 Summer Olympics thanks to its then owners Don Banducci and Steve Cole. Today, Yakima still leads the manufacture of products that make outdoor adventures and outdoor recreation activities more memorable and enjoyable. The company is based in the US Pacific Northwest region and exports its products to many countries worldwide.





Yakima's range of BASECAMP products will improve your camping experiences.


Rooftop Tents:                                   

Yakima makes heavy-duty 4-season rooftop tents that are easy to set up on top of your ute or 4x4 vehicle. They may accommodate 2-3 people depending on their configurations, and they include thick foam mattresses, large skylights, windows and doors, Guy lines and D-rings, and much more.



Yakima SlimShady awnings are designed with universal tool-free mounting hardware that fits most vehicle roof racks and are also designed to roll into a slim case that won't take up much space on your vehicle's roof. They are made from highly durable 420D polyester fabric with PU coating.



With RoadShower™, you can enjoy the convenience of a hot shower even in the remotest of places. This portable pressurized water storage solution is available in 4, 7, or10-gallon sizes.


EXO BackDeck:                                   

This EXO system tabletop mount will make it easier for you to prepare meals, work with tools, and perform other tasks that require a tabletop surface when out and about. This adjustable tabletop mount can be stowed away conveniently when you don't need it.


ROOF RACKS:                   

With Yakima's ROOF RACK range of products, you are assured of getting an ideal rooftop cargo carrying solution for your 4x4 vehicle.    


Roof Rack Systems:                          

Yakima offers various roof rack systems that suit different applications, e.g., the TimberLine roof rack system for vehicles with raised side rails, the SkyLine system for vehicles with fixed roof rack points and tracks, and the RidgeLine system for vehicles with flush-mounted side rails.


LockNLoad System:                          

The Yakima LockNLoad System is ideal for when you need to carry large or heavy loads on top of your vehicle. This heavy-duty aluminum roof rack platform is designed to mount onto your vehicle's roof rails. It has been off-road rated to 165–330 lbs.



Yakima also manufactures crossbars of varying designs to suit different tastes and purposes. These crossbars include the JetStream (pair), HD Bar (pair), CoreBar (pair), FlushBar (single), RailBar (Single), and RoundBar (pair).




The Yakima bike racks and accessories will be of great value to any mountain/off-road trail biker. These highly innovative bike products address the bike-carrying challenges that mountain bikers face when going on outdoor biking excursions.   


Hitch-mounted Bike Racks:         

Yakima makes various hitch-mounted bike racks that include the EXO DoubleUp, OnRamp, HangOver, SingleSpeed, HoldUp EVO, Dr.Tray, BackRoad, BackSwing, HoldUp, FourTimer, TwoTimer, RidgeBack, FullTilt, RoadTrip, LongHaul, FullSwing, and Doubledown 4.


Roof-mounted Bike Racks: 

Yakima's roof-mounted bike racks are lightweight yet strong, and they come in various configurations. They include the HighSpeed, HighRoad, FrontLoader, ForkLift, RaptorAero, SideWinder, and WheelHouse.


Trunk-mounted Bike Racks:       

These bike racks will attach to your vehicle's trunk lid. They include HangOut, HangBack, and FullBack.


RV-Approved Bike Racks: 

Yakima's RV-Approved bike racks include the LongHaul and RoadTrip racks.


Load-Assist Bike Racks: 

Yakima's OnRamp bike rack allows you to roll your bike right into place, and it also has adjustable trays that help reduce bike-to-bike interference.




Enhance your winter vacation activities with Yakima's range of snow adventure products and accessories.


Ski/Snowboard Racks:

The Yakima Ski/Snowboard Racks are designed to make it more convenient for you to carry your skis and snowboards when going to your favorite ski destination.


Ski Cargo Boxes:                              

The Yakima Ski Cargo Boxes are premium cargo boxes that you can mount onto your roof racks. They enable you to safely and conveniently carry excess or bulky luggage, gear, or supplies.  



If you are into watersports, you will love Yakima's range of water adventure products and accessories.


Kayak/Canoe Racks:

The Yakima Kayak/Canoe Racks will make it easier to carry your full-size canoes and kayaks. They can be configured in different ways to suit your vehicle and your canoe/kayak carrying needs.


SUP/Surfboard Racks:

Yakima's SUP/Surfboard Racks are also easy to mount onto your vehicle's roof racks. They include bow and stern tie-downs, and they also feature soft padding that cradles your board. These boards can take on even up to three surfboards at a time.


Load-Assist Racks: 

Yakima's Load-Assist Racks tilt down considerably from the roof rack, taking on even up to 45% of the Kayak/Canoe's weight.


Yakima also produces innovative cargo utility products, truck racks, fish rod carriers, single or multi-level trailers, and many other outdoor adventure products and accessories.


We at 4x4Mods Australia are ready to supply you with all these and many more Yakima products. We have over 300,000 off-road 4WD/outdoor products and accessories on offer from both locally and internationally recognized brands, and we won't stop there; we shall keep growing our selection of off-road/off-the-grid products to meet the needs of Australia's off-road-going or outdoor-adventure-seeking community exhaustively. If you want additional information about any Yakima product, call us at 07 5528 5801 or chat with our online representatives.

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