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Heavy duty, high-quality 4WD recovery solutions: From Jimnys to Unimogs (and everything in between)

At Saber Offroad, we are trusted specialists in high-quality 4WD recovery solutions and gear that’s superior quality, value for money, user-friendly and, above all, safe. 

Known as one of Australia’s leading 4×4 recovery brands, our mission is to deliver recovery solutions that are safer, smarter and stronger. It’s gear to get you home – every time you venture off the bitumen.

We deliver a combination of 4×4 recovery products including strong and lightweight soft shackles, kinetic and winch ropes, and heavy-duty aluminium accessories that compliment each other to offer a full recovery solution.


The Saber Story: How it all began

Learn more about Saber Offroad’s Ben Bartlett and Steve Handbury here

Australia is famous around the world for its vast landscapes, harsh conditions, 4×4 culture and reputation for creating heavy-duty, high-quality recovery gear (because Australian 4WD enthusiasts put their vehicles and recovery gear to the test).

It was for this reason that in 2017, when Ben Bartlett was working with a number of international across South East Asia and the Middle East – he started getting requests for high-quality, soft recovery gear that had been real-world tested in Australia.

At the time, no Australian brand was working with modern recovery gear and Ben saw an opportunity in the market and Saber was born.

In 2020, Steve Handbury joined the wholly Australian-owned business as the Director – Product Development with a view to expand Saber Offroad domestically. Saber Offroad now has 70+ products, with 135 dealers Australia wide, with more to come.

Not just another 4x4 offroad recovery company

Saber is safer

Our mission is to eliminate as much weight as possible from the recovery process, for example replacing metal with rope and soft shackles, and steel with aluminium, to reduce the risk to you and create products lighter and stronger – and ultimately safer.

There have been too many horror stories of bow shackles flying through the air after a failed recovery and injuring (or much worse) drivers, passengers and bystanders.

We stand behind the strength and safety of our products because we test all of our products to destruction in a NATA (National Association of Testing Authorities) lab. We also take our gear into recovery situations for thorough real-world testing.

You’ll see batch numbers and contact details on all our products. It’s your way of knowing we’ve tested each product beyond their capabilities and limits. More than that, our products meet all applicable standards and are always labelled accordingly. We want you to be as confident in our products as we are.

Saber is smarter

Saber is stronger

At Saber Offroad, we give adventure and 4×4 enthusiasts the confidence to perform safer recoveries with thoroughly tested high-quality gear to get you home.

It’s creating safer recoveries that drives us to better our products and range.


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