The first mods on most cars involve performance, looks, and comfort. However, one frequently underestimated mod is the monitoring array of gauges. OEM gauges (original gauges from the manufacturer) may be effective but are woefully limited in the information they give.

For example, once you have that boost in your 4x4, you also want to know more about your fuel/air mixture ratio, fuel compression, exhaust temperature, and other numbers. These paint an accurate picture of what is going on below the hood and tune it accordingly.

ProSport Performance Gauges for Better Performance

Top-quality gauges give you an edge on your car’s performance. By allowing you to monitor performance metrics more accurately, they let you tune everything for best performance. ProSport gauges are one of the best high-performance gauges to install in your 4x4 today.

When you start tweaking some of the finer details on your 4x4, you realise the need to keep on top of your game. You will be able to squeeze more performance from a finely tuned and well-maintained car than one with no accurate feedback system.

The more your performance improves, the better your gauges have to be for increased monitoring. All that information helps you stay on top of your offroad game. To the true 4x4 offroader, performance is about everything in the car working at top performance.

You can trust 4x4 Mods to bring the best performing aftermarket parts from all around the world, not only ProSport gauges. With more than 200 products, it is our district pride to be your partner in all things 4x4 offroad.

Prevent Damage With Aftermarket Gauges

A few decades ago, cars used to have what is now called ‘idiot gauges’. Just lines, graphs or colour-coded lights. In a high performance 4x4 competitive environment, you need accurate figures for your oil pressure, the fuel pressure in diesel, and more. 

This data helps you make preventative maintenance steps early on. Instead of waiting for a red light to appear on your dashboard, you can constantly monitor everything you want about your car. You can spot potential problems and correct them early enough.

As your 4x4 takes you through the unforgiving conditions of the wild, you need to make sure that everything is at peak performance. Prosport performance gauges help you keep an eye on everything before, during, and after the action.

Have Your 4x4 Look as Good as it Drives

Your 4x4 should not just drive well, but look fantastic as well. Do you want to be that cool guy who feels and performs like a fighter jet? Get ProSport performance gauges installed. They are amazing at transforming your dash for a retro, futuristic, nerdy, or whatever other looks you’re aiming for.

ProSport gauges come in a wide variety of designs and colours to suit your 4x4. Whether you like electrical or mechanical gauges, you can always get the right design and themes for any car interior. There are digital displays, dials, and combinations of these.

4x4 Mods brings you a full selection of Prosport performance gauges. For over 10 years, 4x4 Mods has devoted itself to bring world-class quality aftermarket parts to all 4x4 enthusiasts in Australia. Browse the full range of 4x4 aftermarket performance parts for the ultimate 4x4 mods.

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