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When it comes to specialized aftermarket off-road 4WD accessories, you won’t go wrong with Piranha Off Road. Piranha Off Road has been supplying the Australian off road 4WD industry with top quality off-road accessories for over 30 years.

Thanks to their vast experience in manufacturing and distributing off-road vehicle accessories, the company has perfected the art of developing accessories that perfectly fit and also complement the capabilities and features of the vehicles they are intended for.    

Piranha Off Road was started by Alan and Barbara Johnson, both of whom have a passion for off-road vehicles. Through commitment and dedication, the company has grown from a small, family-owned establishment to a world renowned off-road accessory manufacturer and distributor with several manufacturing locations in Australia. Right from the start, Alan and Barbara established client satisfaction and excellence in service as the core values of the business, and it has paid off. During the 2019 VACC Industry Awards, Piranha Off Road was named the ‘Best Aftermarket & Retail Business (Small Business)’ and also the ‘Best Parts/Component Manufacturer’.

Piranha Off Road offers one of the largest selections of aftermarket off-road 4WD accessories on the Australian aftermarket, and they are committed to growing their product range, incorporating the latest technologies for the off road 4WD industry. 


Here are some of their products: 


Ute Trays 

Piranha Off Road offers perfectly modelled steel or aluminum trays that are ideal for heavy-duty hauling tasks. These trays have a unique, utilitarian design that won’t cramp the style of your ute, and they are also designed to fit most utes on the market. In addition to having heavy duty TIG welded tray decks, these trays feature 250 mm high sides, tie down rope rails that run all around the trays, tail light protectors, and much more. 



If you prefer to retain your ute’s factory-installed cargo tray, you can opt to get a custom, body-color fiber-glass or aluminum canopy for it from Piranha Off Road. The Piranha Off Road fibreglass ute canopies have stylish, aerodynamic body designs. They are ideal for utes that are mainly used for family hauling and leisure driving. The Piranha Off Road aluminum ute canopies, however, feature heavy-duty 2.5mm aluminum coverings. As such, they are ideal for work-focused off-road utes.  


Battery Management Accessories 

Piranha Off Road also manufactures battery management accessories, one of which is their Piranha DC-DC 30 Amp Battery Charger With Solar Input. This product comes in handy when your vehicle’s battery gives out while you are out exploring the great outdoors. It is compatible with most alternators, and it offers a current output of 30A. Other battery management accessories that you can get from Piranha Off Road include dual battery management systems, dual sense VSR relays, DC-DC power converters, fuse kits, and many more. 


Safari Snorkels 

The Piranha Off Road safari snorkel range caters for SUVs and utes of different makes and models. Their latest safari snorkel offerings are the Safari ARMAX™ Snorkels, which deliver up to 70% more air than stock snorkels. The time-honored V-spec safari snorkels are designed for the Nissan Y61 (GU) Patrol and the most recent models of the 70, 80 and 100 series Toyota Land Cruiser. The R-Spec safari snorkels are ideal for non-current vehicle models. All three options are fashioned from UV Stabilised Polyethylene for optimum durability.


Piranha Off Road also manufactures and/or distributes electric winches, in-car fridges and fridge accessories, off-road lighting products like bull bar indicator lights and halogen globes, recovery gear like diff breathers and hand winches, suspension accessories like suspension lift kits, auxiliary battery wiring kits, batteries, and communication products like UHF radios and antennas. 

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