If you drive a Subaru or Honda, performance is already in your blood. These cars tend to do the best with high-quality mods and come with a wide range of modification options. If you are thinking of juicing your Subaru or Honda, think Perrin.

Perrin is a top producer of aftermarket parts for Subaru and Honda. The brand is recognised internationally for its high quality, durable, and affordable parts. From suspension to engine upgrades, these parts cover every possible mod for your car.


For your Subaru or Honda, performance is the top priority. Your car can purr like a cat straight from the factory, but sometimes (if not always) you want it to run like a tiger. Aftermarket mods give more power, more efficiency, and more speed to your car.

Air and fuel intake mods give your car the capacity to do more. Let your car burn more fuel more efficiently, and you can get up to 25% more boost. With better cold air intake, better fuel injection, and even better exhaust systems, you can give your car better performance.

Perrin produces approved aftermarket parts to improve the performance of your Subaru or Honda. These OEM-approved parts require no special fitting or adaptation, making them the best option to swap your stock parts for better performance without complex modifications.

Wheels and Suspension

If you would love to offset your wheels, Perrin has the perfect off-the-shelf solutions for you. Perrin wheel spacers will get your wheels to sit flush with the fenders to get that beast look you have been dying for.

Perrin has hub-centric wheel spacers that take the whole weight of the wheels, eliminating critical pressure points. This makes Perrin wheel spacers the safest, best option for your car. They also give you offset options for zero offset, positive offset, and negative offset.

Your suspension and steering will also benefit from Perrin upgrades, thanks to polyurethane bushings, rear end links, swaybars, strut braces, positive steering response systems, and other high-performance upgrades.

Interior and Exterior Mods

The Perrin range of interior mods is breathtaking. From drift buttons to accelerator pedal relocation kits, you are now able to redesign and customise your car’s interior just the way you like it.

Perrin exterior and body aftermarket parts cover all models and body types. Bring out the true beauty of your 4x4 with accessories like licence plate frames and relocates, gurney flaps, window vents, and wing stabilisers. Everything you need for your 4x4’s exterior straight to you from Perrin Performance.

Perrin Performance Parts 

Perrin has a full range of approved mods and aftermarket replacement parts for Subaru, Honda, Nissan, and other cars. Yes, Perrin is not limited to Subaru only as you might think. If you want your car to perform like a true monster, Perrin Performance parts are the solution for you.

4x4 Mods Australia brings you a full complement of Perrin parts. Upgrade your 4x4 with world-class aftermarket parts complete with a warranty. And if you have a Subaru or other major Japanese model, check out 4x4 Mods’ catalogue of high-performance aftermarket parts.

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