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Your 4x4 will be tested to the max time, and the quality of your gauges determine how well you can respond in such times. If you have already upgraded your 4x4, you should know that aftermarket gauges are essential to keep your engine healthy and safe.

Innovate Motorsports brings you a range of highly accurate tuning sensors and gauges. These include wideband air/fuel ratio meters, gauges, and data acquisition systems that have become a staple in high-performance tuning.

Innovate! Tuning Tools

Your car came finely tuned straight from the factory, although the objectives might have been different from yours. Some are tuned for raw power, others for fuel economy and low emissions, still others for drivability.

Once you tweak your car for high performance, you have crossed the line from a novice. That is why you need top performance monitoring tools to help you tune your performance to fit your goals every time.

Innovate Motorsports has a focus on high-performance tuning so that you can achieve maximum power and efficiency in your 4x4. They aren’t just pretty dials and big numbers. These setups are trusted by top mechanics and tuners to give accurate, real-time feedback.

Air/Fuel and Oxygen Sensors

Innovate has distinguished itself with award-winning, highly accurate air/fuel and oxygen sensors. It makes use of Bosch LSU technology to give you top-performing sensors that remain effective under the most stressful situations.

These are designed specifically for forced induction systems, which means that your custom engine and boost will all be under the watchful eye of dependable sensing technology. Your  A/F ratio has to be just right for optimum performance. Get it wrong, and you might wreck your engine.

If you still haven’t got your engine running at its full potential, explore our engine tuning mods shop. Your 4x4 has to be extreme to handle the tough conditions of the wild, do not settle for anything less.

Modular Tuning 

All tuning equipment from Innovate Motorsports is designed to be modular, which means that it is easy to scale depending on your needs and budget. The components of every system are easily changed or swapped for other Innovate equipment.

That is possible because Innovate uses the same simple configuration across the whole range of its devices. They all talk using the same digital communications protocol, which means that sensors, gauges, connections and other parts can be swapped at will.

Custom Gauges

Your 4x4 is a beast whose first priority is top performance, but it doesn’t have to look so boring and uninspired. Custom dials, gauges and designs help to give you the edge you need to transform your dash into the high-performance monitoring hub it needs to be.

You can swap out faceplates, bezels, LED and analog displays to make the gauges truly yours. Do not be limited by anything, not even your imagination. 

Order Innovate Motorsports products from 4x4 Mods Australia and start operating at a new level of awareness and performance accuracy.

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