Automotive technology company iDRIVE USA proves you don’t have to install serious performance mods and perform ECU tunes to adjust throttle response.  

Except for performance vehicles, most conventional vehicles offer just average throttle response because many automakers prioritize reliability over performance when setting up their vehicles. Well, thanks to iDRIVE USA, it is now possible to activate untapped throttle response in an ordinary car, SUV, van, or truck without having to make any major modifications.


Through years of research and development, iDRIVE USA has mastered the art of manipulating throttle relay systems. Its award-winning innovation, the iDRIVE throttle response controller, may be small enough to fit in the palm of your hand, but it can significantly enhance the driving characteristics of your vehicle. It allows you to tune or adjust the responsiveness of your vehicle’s engine in different ways.

The iDRIVE throttle response controller works in vehicles that have electronic throttle relay systems, i.e. those that electronically connect the accelerator pedal to the throttle. This means that this product is likely to work in all vehicles that were made after the year 2000. 


It Deals with Throttle lag

Electronic throttle relay systems use sensors to relay signals, and the ECU controls them all. There are demand sensors that capture the pressure with which an accelerator pedal is pushed down (and the distance the accelerator pedal travels), and there are also butterfly position sensors that the ECU uses to control the opening of the throttle butterfly. There are also feedback sensors that the ECU uses to confirm whether the throttle butterfly is opening as it should. Because there are two of each of these sensors, the flow of signals between all these sensors results in some electronic delay, also known as throttle lag.

The iDRIVE throttle response controller gets rid of throttle lag by modifying the voltage signal sent from the accelerator pedal to the ECU, and also by adjusting the vehicle’s throttle mapping. In so doing, it provides a sharper throttle curve and causes the throttle to come in earlier in the pedal stroke. This enhanced throttle response improves take offs and increases acceleration, and so it makes a vehicle feel like it has gotten a power upgrade.  

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