HKS is a global leader in the manufacture of performance aftermarket auto parts and accessories. It is also widely considered as one of the pioneers of Japan’s aftermarket tuning industry. HKS was founded in 1973 when engineers Hasegawa and Kitagawa came together to form a company that would build and design high-performance engines.

They managed to secure capital from Sigma Automotive Co., Ltd, and so the company name was inspired by the initials of the three founders. Today, HKS boasts a global sales and distribution network that spans Australia, Asia, Europe, and North America.


HKS has one of the largest performance auto part/accessory manufacturing facilities in Japan – a 100,000 sq ft manufacturing facility that is equipped to design, engineer, and warehouse all HKS products. The facility also includes a research and development wing that is constantly perfecting HKS’s current line of products and churning out new innovations.

Here are some of the products that HKS produces:


Exhaust Systems

HKS has been developing aftermarket performance exhaust systems right from when it started operations, so it has gathered significant expertise and experience in this field. HKS exhaust systems are available as complete exhaust systems from exhaust manifold to the muffler and exhaust tips. They are also available in separate parts, e.g. headers, mufflers, exhaust manifolds, front pipes, downpipes, center pipes, and resonators.


Suspension Systems

In addition to giving your vehicle a more aggressive stance, HKS suspension components enhance driving performance while also facilitating better ride quality. HKS specializes in single tube design dampers. It uses cold-form coiling and high-strengthen steel to develop its suspension springs. All HKS springs and coil-overs are extensively tested at the HKS facility before being released to the public. HKS’s HIPERMAX SERIES suspension components are recognized as being among the best in the industry.


Intake Systems

HKS’s high-performance intake systems increase air intake volume while reducing airflow restriction to the engine, and so they effectively achieve more power while also helping to enhance fuel economy. The HKS intake systems are compact and robust, and are great for high power output applications.  


Blow Off Valves

The HKS Sequential Blow Off Valve (Super SQV) has a broad operating range thanks to its unique differential pressure control system and its equally unique sequential valve structure. It ensures stable operation even at low or high boost pressures.


HKS also develops performance electronic s, cooling systems, turbo kits, supercharger kits, dry carbon products, fuel parts and systems, engine and powertrain components, brake system parts, oil system parts, and much more. We at 4X4Mods Australia have all these HKS products at our warehouse, ready for shipping. We put these HKS products on sale from time to time here on our website. You are likely to save money when you purchase them here. If you have any questions about these products, call our modding specialists at 07 5610 2121.


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