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According to GFB’s Owner and Chief Engineer John Adrian, greater performance can be achieved without compromise.  GFB’s performance products are designed to achieve just that; they enable vehicles to achieve higher speeds, quicker acceleration, and/or better handling without making the vehicles harder to live with.

Go Fast Bits is based in Australia and it designs and manufactures high quality performance accessories such as GFB boost controller, GFB diverter valve, short shifters, and pulley kits. In addition to supplying the global aftermarket industry, GFB also supplies many Original Equipment Manufacturers around the world.



Blow Off/Diverter Valves  

GFB offers a wide range of small but highly efficient blow-off pressure relief/reducing valves that range from plumb-back-type valves to dump valves. The GFB Blow Off/Diverter Valves are designed to facilitate sharper throttle response while achieving faster boost recovery with every gear shift. They also ensure dependable boost holding.


Boost Controllers

The GFB boost controllers are designed to help you take control of your turbo car’s boost levels. With them, you can easily and affordably adjust the performance levels of your car. The GFB boost controllers comprise of manual boost controllers and electronic boost controllers. The manual boost controllers are ideal for when you need reliable, set-and-forget boost control. They can be installed in minutes and require zero maintenance. The GFB boost controllers include additional features e.g. the ability to monitor your engine’s air/fuel ratio and various other parameters in your turbo engine.


Fuel Management Products

GFB also offers a range of fuel management products that include fuel pressure regulators and other accessories. The GFB fuel pressure regulators have double reinforced/double layer diaphragms with a burst strength exceeding 500psi, and are designed to retain fuel pressure for longer after engine shut down.



GFB makes small and compact external wastegates without sacrificing flow. These wastegates have Nomex-reinforced silicone diaphragms and V-band clamp mounting systems. The mounting hardware is CNC machined from high-temp stainless steel, and the actuator housing is CNC machined from billet 6061 aluminium.


Pulley Kits

The GFB pulley kits are made from aircraft-grade 6061-T6 aluminium, so they are strong yet lightweight. The significant weight reduction that they bring on the crankshaft results in faster acceleration.


Car Mods Australia is a licensed GFB dealer, so you can count on us for all your GFB products’ needs. Our selection of GFB products is vast, and many of products are available in several options. Make a GFB product purchase today for your vehicle. If you need assistance, call our modding specialists at (07) 5610 2123.

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