Garrett Motion was founded in 1928 by John Garrett, a single man with a passion for engineering and aviation. The company had introduced its first product by 1930 – an all-aluminum aircraft intercooler built-in Garrett's single room Los Angeles office. Dedication to the brand paid off, as the company was eventually listed on the New York Stock Exchange just a decade later.

The company has since expanded to become one of the world's leading brands in delivering automotive solutions to consumers of all vehicle types. Garrett today is rooted in more than 60 years of developing turbocharging systems for both gasoline and diesel but remains hungry for further innovation. 

Garrett Motion – Product Catalog

Garrett Motion was founded on the development of the turbocharger system. Because of this many of their offerings center around this power-boosting mechanism for 4x4 vehicles in the Australian market. Below are just a few offerings available on 4x4 Mods Australia.


Garrett Turbo Australia offers significant amounts of extra power to your vehicle, helping you overcome the elevated obstacles your 4x4 vehicle may face on the road. Garrett Motion has several solutions for vehicles of all types.

Forced Induction System

Forced induction systems keep your vehicle’s superchargers and turbochargers running optimally for max performance. Shop Garrett Motion and their catalog of forced induction systems on 4X4 Mods Australia. 


The interior is often forgotten, in favor of upgrading engine and exhaust systems to improve performance and efficiency. However, there is no denying the fact that most of your experience with your 4x4 vehicle will be spent in its interior. Garrett Motion offers several gauge clusters and light kits to transform the look and styling of your 4WD vehicle's interior.

4x4 Mods Australia is proud to be an approved distributor of Garrett Motion and their comprehensive line of auto parts intended to provide maximum comfort, power, and utility for your off-road vehicle. This partnership is a symbol of our brand’s continued devotion and dedication to placing quality products in the hands of car enthusiasts across the nation of Australia.

We pride ourselves on providing full service to the 4x4 car parts industry, giving our customers some of the best services in the market since our launch in 2009. Our dedicated sales and support staff are ready to provide technical and after-sales service to customers around the clock. The 4x4 Mods customer support team includes all like-minded enthusiasts who are truly just excited about your build as you are and are super happy to assist you throughout the purchasing process.

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