Eclipse Turbo Systems

Eclipse Turbo Systems (ETS) develops purposefully-built turbochargers for turbo diesel engines. Its products are tailored to the specifications and needs of the engines for which they are designed, so they can be counted on to preserve the reliability and durability of those engines. Also, they boost performance, fuel economy, and drivability.

The engineers at Eclipse Turbo Systems (ETS) have been designing and testing performance equipment for decades. They are led by head engineer Peter Winn (a legend in the industry), who has over 40 years of turbodiesel-engine-construction experience. Eclipse Turbo Systems (ETS) is committed to developing diesel engine turbochargers that give good dyno readings and deliver genuine real-time improvements in drivability, fuel economy, and emissions. Thanks to this unique approach to turbocharger engineering, their turbochargers are capable of maintaining a high level of torque throughout the rev range, resulting in more rewarding driving experiences.

ETS manufacturers these turbochargers primarily for the diesel engines of various Nissan Patrol and Toyota Land Cruiser generations.




Eclipse Turbo Systems (ETS) JBTurbo Turbo Kit 

The JBTurbo turbo kits are based on the legendary Toyota 1HZ diesel engine used in the Land Cruiser J70, J80, and J100. The 1HZ diesel engine has known to be a dependable workhorse that is deficient in the performance department. The JBTurbo 1HZ Turbocharger Kit will fix that while still maintaining the engine’s reliability and commendable fuel economy. This turbo kit includes a high-flow J3 CT26 turbocharger with a 6+6 billet compressor wheel that increases airflow for improved performance. It also has a 10mm-shaft full-floating journal bearing system that utilizes high oil flow for optimal cooling and lubrication, guaranteeing superior long-term reliability. This kit also includes a 1HZ oil sandwich plate, a braided stainless steel oil feed line, airbox-to-turbocharger/turbocharger-to-crossover pipe silicone hoses, and several other accessories.


Eclipse Turbo Systems (ETS) ECP540 Turbocharger 

The ECP540 Turbocharger is designed for the Nissan Patrol GU ZD30 Di (direct injection) engine. It has a revised compressor wheel that facilitates earlier spool. As a result, it touches peak boost (approximately 30 psi) at just 2,300 rpm. Therefore, it provides a significant amount of torque at lower revs and sustains it across the rev range.    


Eclipse Turbo Systems (ETS) ECP545 VNT Turbocharger

The ECP545 VNT Turbocharger is designed for the Nissan Patrol GU ZD30 CRD. It also delivers plenty of torque at lower rpms and hits peak torque at just 1,500 rpm. Therefore, it also guarantees increased responsiveness and performance. This Turbocharger sustains peak torque between 1,500 rpm and 3,600 rpm.  ETS also develops customized turbocharger kits for the 1HDT, 1HDT-FT, and 1HDT-FTE engines. It also produces accessories like Turbosmart Boost-Tee controller kits, external wastegates, silicone hoses, gaskets, and clamps. 


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