Eclipse Turbo Systems

Eclipse Turbo Systems
Eclipse Turbo Systems is founded on the development of innovative designed turbochargers providing a high quality product based specifically around each chosen engine’s specification, for the performance turbo diesel industry.

Our innovative approach to turbocharging allows us to focus on engine drive-ability maintaining a high level of torque and improved driver experience. Established in 2017, our engineers have been designing and testing performance equipment for decades. Lead by head engineer Peter Winn (a legend in the industry) with over 40 years of turbo diesel performance experience, and a no-nonsense approach to realistic achievements, using our own unique product development and processes to bring innovative technologies to the market.


Our focus is to develop turbochargers along with quality designed supporting equipment. It is important for us to ensure the customer receives all critical supporting components that complement each other, for an improved driving experience. Customer knowledge base is also high on our agenda with education and understanding being the key to making the right choices. Know that we are diligently developing and testing multiple models of turbochargers simultaneously to progressively widen our range. This will include direct replacement modern VNT turbocharger ranges.

Distribution is through our ever growing global dealer network, who receive the FULL support of Eclipse Turbo Systems to ensure the best possible service and experience for our customers.

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