ARP (Automotive Racing Products) was established in 1968 to respond to the need for performance studs, bolts, and fasteners for the racing engines of the day. ARP's founder, Gary Holzapfel, saw how engines belonging to people he knew were breaking down due of fastener failure, and he made up his mind to provide the solution.

Holzapfel had a lot of experience making fasteners for a leading aerospace subcontractor. He started out with just a backyard garage workshop. With time, his business grew because of the quality and effectiveness of his products.

Today, ARP is an internationally recognized performance bolt and fastener manufacturer with several production facilities in Southern California that sit on over 200,000 square feet of real estate. They design and manufacture their products in-house, with facilities for forging, machining, heat-treating, and quality control.

ARP’s current line of products includes bolts and fasteners for engines, drivelines, suspension systems, and frames of many vehicles. In addition to making OEM replacement bolts and fasteners, ARP also makes purposefully designed specialty hardware for markets like IndyCar, Formula 1, NHRA drag racing, and NASCAR. 


Here are some of ARP products:

Case Bolt Kits

ARP's case bolt kits are designed for the perfect fit, so they are vehicle specific. These bolts are rated at 180,000 psi tensile strength, so they are stronger and last longer than factory bolt kits. They are designed with a wide-area flange for even load distribution when torqueing.

Flywheel and Flexplate Bolt Kits

ARP's flywheel and flexplate bolts are rated at over 180,000 psi, so they are much stronger than factory/OEM flywheel bolts. They help to enhance safety and performance in both street cars and race cars. Forged from an aerospace alloy, these bolts are heat-treated before thread rolling. They also feature head and shank diameters that are larger than stock for increased strength. They are available in two grades: High Performance and Pro Series.

Cam Sprocket Bolt Kits

ARP's Cam sprocket bolts deliver increased pre-load clamping force and they also help to improve camshaft timing. They are made from a high-strength alloy, and they are feature a large bolt-head flange and a reduced socket head size. They include appropriate washers and fasteners. They are also available in two grades: High Performance and Pro Series.

Head Stud Bolt Kits

ARP's head stud bolts are made from a premium aerospace-grade alloy and heat-treated to 200,000 psi. They have also been thread-rolled for increased fatigue strength.  

Wheel Stud Kits

ARP's performance wheel studs are made from a special, high-strength alloy that delivers a tensile strength of up to 200,000 psi, so they can handle the incredible shock loads found in professional racing.


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