When it comes to aftermarket and OEM-replacement car audio accessory products, Aerpro's wide range of products is hard to beat. Aerpro is one of TDJ Australia Pty Ltd's most established brands. TDJ Australia Pty Ltd is Australia's leading automotive accessories and electronics importer. It was founded in 1985 and faithfully serves Australians with high-quality yet affordable aftermarket auto parts & accessories that meet or exceed OEM standards. 

Aerpro benefits from a team of highly skilled designers and engineers who do an excellent job of optimizing the appearance, function, and value of all the accessories they develop. Thus, in addition to being highly effective, Aerpro products are distinctive and fashionable. Also, after manufacturing its products, Aerpro exhaustively tests them at its on-site workshop, which guarantees their fitment.



Aerpro's original products were antennas, which is why the brand's name stands for "AERial PROfessional!" Aerpro has been making vehicle antennas for over three decades. They include CB antennas, DAB+ antennas, TV antennas, multi-fit car antennas, and more. 


Aerpro's Adaptiv is a brand of products designed to evolve your car's original stereo. Adaptiv products will add features like high-quality navigation, video playback, reverse camera connectivity, SD, Aux, USB and HDMI inputs, DAB radio, and Bluetooth to your vehicle's original stereo system without you having to replace your stock head unit. They include Adaptiv with Navigation and Adaptiv Mini products.

Connect My Device

Aerpro's 'Connect My Device' products are accessories designed to hold, integrate, charge, or connect your smartphone device to your car's stereo. They include headphones, phone holders, chargers, Bluetooth devices, Android Auto/Apple CarPlay compatibility devices, and many more.

Connect My Head unit

Aerpro's 'Connect My Head unit' products are accessories designed to make the process of installing an aftermarket head unit as seamless and damage-free as possible. These products include head unit installation kits, fascia kits, infodaptors, patch leads, primary or secondary harnesses, ignition voltage generators and adaptors, and much more.


Aerpro also offers car-specific camera upgrades designed to maintain a factory look; they won't change the look of your car.

Inverters & Converters

Aerpro's Inverters & Converters will transform your car's 12V power to 240V output, making it possible to power up larger devices in your vehicle.


Aerpro offers a range of lighting products that include headlight replacement bulbs, LED headlights, LED light strips, daytime running lights, torches, interior LED lighting, and more. 

In addition to the above, Aerpro also offers portable power solutions, car audio accessory wiring, soundproofing materials, heavy-duty power solutions for audio accessories, and more.

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