Adelaide Radiator Supplies was established in 1985 by Gary and Karen Washington, as a small radiator and parts supplier with just four staff.
Growing their radiator repair and manufacturing business, they then expanded with an import program to bring in additional heat exchange products sourced from the world's best suppliers. Many years of successful growth, investment and continued dedication to providing quality products followed. This has resulted in ADRAD evolving from being a small supplier with a limited range, to becoming a national business offering a diverse range of cooling solutions to best meet the demands of the Australian market.

During this time, ADRAD has acquired and integrated competitors with rich and respected heritages, some stretching back to 1922. This combined wealth of knowledge and experience makes ADRAD a formidable authority on the manufacture and supply of heat exchange products.

Our proud tradition of quality is maintained with a focus on developing improved operational strategies for continued growth. Today, the ADRAD group of companies is a large supplier of aftermarket heat exchange products. ADRAD offers customers and suppliers alike the assurance that comes from being a large, successful enterprise with the capacity and knowhow to deliver the best, whilst maintaining the personal touch of a family business. ADRAD's success is based on its ability to deliver. This ability stems from being a large and successful enterprise that has the product range, the network capacity, and the manufacturing and supply know how to do the job. The company's highly qualified and experienced staff completes the picture, supporting their products with reliable service you can trust.


If you're looking to upgrade the cooling system on your 4x4, Adrad radiators and intercoolers are the best in Australia. Since 1996, Adrad has been a respected manufacturer in Australia and NZ, becoming the biggest producers of aftermarket radiators.

When you upgrade your 4x4’s engine, drivetrain, braking and induction systems, your car’s cooling system must have similar priority. A good system will not only improve performance but will also ensure maximum durability,

Your car’s OEM radiator may be good enough for normal operation. However, if you’re a petrolhead who loves to go extreme in the wild and on the road, you need a radiator that can handle the extra heat. 

Adrad Aftermarket Radiators for Best Performance

Your 4x4 is designed for performance. It needs to be able to do what needs to be done to win. If you want to squeeze more power, the OEM will not handle the extra heat generated. 

Top performance aftermarket radiators like Adrad carry heat faster away from the engine block. When you’re pushing it to the limits, the radiator will take up the challenge to avoid catastrophic damage. 

Adrad does this by assuring better airflow, larger pipes to allow more water to pass through, and better heat bleeding technology. The result is 20-30% more cooling capacity to support higher revving and high-performance engines.

 Made to Fit

Adrad uses aluminium to produce world-class radiators to fit standard OEM specifications. This makes mounting much easier and stress-free because you don’t need to do any drilling, boring, or shaving to fit your Adrad radiator. 

The company squeezes better performance into the same space by using better technology. With decades of experience in vehicle cooling systems, it uses the latest in heat flow designs to outperform even the best OEM radiators.

Adrad Aluminium Radiators and Intercoolers

Aluminium radiators offer the best compromise in heat conductivity, lightweight cores, and durability. That is because aluminium resists corrosion better and is more affordable than copper.

Amongst the extensive range of Adrad cooling systems and parts, you can order the following:

  • Radiators
  • EGR coolers
  • Oil coolers
  • Heaters
  • Tanks
  • Water pumps
  • Coolant expansion bottles
  • Caps 
  • Fitting
  • Performance and custom parts.

 Adrad Custom and Universal Radiators Australia

Adrad is the one-stop-shop for all vehicle cooling solutions in Australia. If you're looking for aftermarket radiators to improve performance, replace OEM parts, or even to tweak your 4x4 engine, Adrad has everything you need.

Standard configurations of Adrad radiators include 40mm, 56mm, and 73mm core thickness depending on the application. The thicker cores are used for extreme performance engines where maximum heat dissipation is desired.

Adrad has the best aftermarket radiators for daily drivers, performance vehicles, circuit vehicles, heavy equipment, farm equipment, motorcycles, and more. 

Adrad also designs and produces specialty cores for high-tech applications such as power generation, rail vehicles, and high-performance circuit vehicles. If you want to push 4x4 harder than ever before, Adrad is the best aftermarket radiator manufacturer to trust with your cooling needs.

High-Performance Radiators From 4x4 Mods

Every driver who likes to push their car to the max has experienced overheating situations. Internal combustion produces a lot of heat, and high-performance engines even more so. If your radiator is not up to the task, you will wreck your engine sooner than later.

Save yourself the trouble and swap your OEM radiator for a high-performance one. 4x4 Mods Australia has the full range of Adrad radiators, intercoolers, and radiator components. Order Adrad radiators here to end your overheating problems once for all.



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