Australia Clutch Services (ACS)

When it comes to the manufacture of aftermarket clutch, flywheel, and brake products that can cope with Australia’s harsh outback, few companies can hold a candle to Australia Clutch Services (ACS).
With over 30 years’ worth of experience in developing clutch solutions, ACS offers technical knowledge in this field that few other clutch system manufacturers can match. 

At their state-of-the-art production facility in Adelaide, they use proven manufacturing processes with industry approved quality management standards. They also make a point of rigorously testing each product individually to check its quality, functionality, and durability. ACS’s Adelaide facility also incorporates other facets of its operations, e.g. research and development, sales and marketing, warehousing, and distribution.     

Today, ACS develops clutch, flywheel, and brake products through several established brands, namely ClutchPro, ClutchPro Commercial, Xtreme Performance Clutch, Xtreme Outback, Classic Clutch, AG Clutch, Xtreme Brakes, and Xtreme Flywheels. These brands cater to Commercial, Marine, Automotive, Forklift, Agricultural, and Industrial applications.  

Through its Xtreme Outback brand, ACS develops clutch and flywheel products specifically for off-road 4WD applications. The Xtreme Outback products are the ultimate clutch system upgrades for your ute or 4WD vehicle. They are built to handle the harshest road conditions on the planet. 

Heavy Duty Clutch Kits 


Stage 1 - Heavy Duty Sprung Organic:                           These clutch kits are ideal for daily driven off-road vehicles with minor or no performance modifications. They provide approximately 15-40% more clamping force than stock clutch kits. 


Stage 1x - Extra Heavy Duty Sprung Organic:                These clutch kits are ideal for daily driven off-road or towing vehicles with significant performance modifications. They provide approximately 30-60% more clamping force than stock clutch kits.


Stage 2 -Ceramic Single Plate Upgrades:                        This ACS clutch kit are ideal for motorsport applications, e.g. time trials or endurance rally events. They are built to withstand very high heat levels. 


Stage 2R - High Clamp Force Ceramic Upgrades:           These clutch kits are ideal for high torque motorsport applications, e.g. rally competition vehicles. They offer even more clamping force. 


Race Series:                                                                  The multi-plate Race Series clutch kits are custom made to suit the engine or transmission upgrades and capabilities of a race car. They are also made for high-horsepower motorsport applications. 


Hydraulic Components

You can further improve your vehicle’s clutch system with the Xtreme Outback hydraulic components that include master cylinders, concentric slave cylinders, slave cylinders, and braided clutch lines. 


Master Cylinders:                                              Xtreme Outback offers a wide range of Master Cylinders for different applications, and each of them includes a fluid reservoir. 


Slave Cylinders:                                                The Xtreme Outback replacement clutch slave cylinders are developed in adherence to using the highest quality materials to ensure optimum durability. 


Concentric Slave Cylinders:                               The Xtreme Outback replacement concentric slave cylinders are an ideal upgrade over factory/OEM CSCs. They improve pedal effort. 


Braided Clutch Lines:                                        The Xtreme Outback custom braided clutch lines are stronger and way more durable than factory rubber clutch lines. They can be used as standard clutch line replacements or as part of more aggressive engine or gearbox conversions. 


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